Those who have completed F.A/F.Sc/I.Com/A-Level or equivalent with minimum second division are eligible for admission. Admission is granted on merit determined on the basis of scores earned in admission test and academic record.

Degree Requirements

The degree is awarded after completion of a minimum of 130 credit hours of coursework with minimum CGPA of 2.00. The degree requirements are normally completed over 4 years spreading over 8 semesters.

Admission is open to students subject to the following conditions

  1. The candidates, male or female, who fulfill the requirements prescribed by the University and the conditions mentioned in the Rules/Prospectus, are eligible for admission.
  2. The selection of candidates for admission shall be on merit, determined on the basis of the marks obtained in the last examination, written test or interview or both, and such other factors as the Dean may determine or take into consideration.
  3. Any student who was expelled, rusticated or whose entry was banned by any University or by any other College or Institution for any reason whatsoever at any time during his academic career, shall not be eligible for admission.
  4. Application for admission must be made on the prescribed Form, annexed to the Prospectus which may be obtained on payment from the Admissions Office during office hours.
  5. The admission form must be filled in by the candidate in his/her own hand, and signed by him/her as well as the parent/guardian.
  6. Attested copies of the following documents must be attached to the form:
    1. a certificate of good character, signed by the Principal/Head of the educational Institution last attended
    2. a certificate of good character signed by a Magistrate of the District in which the candidate ordinarily resides, in case he graduated as a private student
    3. copies of Matriculation and Intermediate certificates
    4. the detailed marks certificate of the Degree examination
    5. the certificate of domicile
    6. National Identity Card of the candidate himself and of the Father/Guardian
    7. In case the applicant is in service, a certificate indicating that he has been permitted by the Head of the Department to join the Faculty of Sciences or that he has been or will be granted leave for the teaching session.
  7. One attested photograph (3x3 cm.) will be pasted at the appropriate place on the Form, and four attested photographs of the same size will be annexed to the application in a separate envelope.
  8. In case a candidate is a graduate of a different university other than the University of Central Punjab, a migration certificate, in original, will be submitted along with the application.
  9. The verification of documents is a necessary condition for admission. A candidate may present original documents to the person notified by the Dean for verification of the copies of the documents. The verification shall be made on first come first served basis on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., and from 3.00 to 5.00 p.m.
  10. Applications for admission shall be received in the office on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., and from 2.30 to 5.00 p.m., against an acknowledgement.
  11. Applications received after the closing date may not be entertained.
  12. Incomplete applications, or applications otherwise than on the prescribed form, or applications without duly verified documents, or applications having any other defect may be rejected.
  13. Whether or not an application for admission is accepted, the application and the documents/photographs shall neither be returned, nor will copies thereof be supplied.
  14. The names of the candidates accepted for admission shall be notified, and such candidates must pay the dues within the prescribed time, failing which the acceptance for admission is liable to be cancelled without notice.
  15. Admission secured by providing false information, forged documents or concealing relevant information will be cancelled, and the dues paid forfeited.
  16. The Dean has the discretion to reject any application for admission on any grounds or without assigning any reason.