Ms. Misbah Saleem


Saleem, Misbah; Natee Wongsrisujarita; and Boonyarattanakalin, S. “Removal of nickel (II) ion by adsorption on coconut copra meal biosorbent” Desalination and Water Treatment 2016, 57 (12), 5623-5635.

Ms. Mahwish Hassan


“ON A SELF-INVERSE PROBABILITY MODEL INVOLVING THE MACDONALD FUNCTION”Proc. 9th International Conference on Statistical Sciences Lahore, Pakistan – July 5-6, 2012, Vol. 22, pp 473-478


I have derived a self-inverse (SCUI) density function in my M.Phil. Research. My future research is to develop the bivariate version of my density function on the foundations of my PhD and to apply the statistical inference (Testing of hypothesis, Confidence Interval) on this density function.


MSc in Technomathematics

  • Master thesis titled “A comparison of electricity spot prices simulation using

ARMA-GARCH and mean-reverting models.”

  • MATLAB based simulation of opening new schools or closing school, depending upon number of families coming in or going out from a town.
  • Proposed mathematical model, give analytical and numerical solution with

MATLAB for experimental data where convection and conduction occurred and determine the heat transfer parameters also.

MSc in Applied Mathematics

  • Project work titled” Taylor Expansion and definition of derivative for different method of discretization”

Professional Experience

  • Professor: University of Central Punjab, Lahore (march 2015- till now)
  • Islamia College (Boys) -Cantt, Lahore (14- 10-2007 to 25-08-2008).

Lecturer of Mathematics and Statistics (Internee)

  • National Grammar School, Lahore (1.08.2006 to 30.08.2007) Teacher of

Mathematics and Physics

Publications and Working Papers

  • Naeem, M., Ji, H. and Liseo, B.”Negative Return-Volume Relationship in Asian

Stock Markets: Figarch-Copula Approach” Eurasian Journal of Economics and
Finance, 2014, vol. 2, issue 2, pages 1-20.

  • Naeem, M., and Khan K. “Long range dependence and volatility persistence in high frequency precious metals returns”. Submitted to Pakistan journal of Statistics.
  • Haider, R. and Naeem, M” Test of Contagion Effect between Us & 4 South Asian Stock Markets: DCC-MGARCH Model with Copula Technique” submitted to Pakistan Business Review.

Muhammad Umair Shahzad


  • Z-Transformation and its applications using Matlab. (M.Sc)
  • A procedure to obtain travelling wave solutions of mCH and mDP(M.Phil)


  • Shahzad, M. Umair, and M. O. Ahmed. “Generalized Exact Travelling Wave Solutions of mch and mdp Equtions.”International Journal of Nonlinear Science 1 (2014): 22-29.
  • Kausar, H. Rizwana, Ifra Noureen, and M. Umair Shahzad. “Dynamical analysis of charged anisotropic spherical star in f (R) gravity.”The European Physical Journal Plus 10 (2015): 1-10.
  • Jawad, Abdul, and M. Umair Shahzad. “Accretion onto some well-known regular black holes.”The European Physical Journal C 3 (2016): 1-11.
  • Jawad, Abdul, Farhad Ali, M. Umair Shahzad, and G. Abbas. “Dynamics of particles around time conformal Schwarzschild black hole.”The European Physical Journal C 76, no. 11 (2016): 586.
  • Jawad, Abdul, and M. Umair Shahzad. “Particle dynamics around time conformal regular black holes via noether symmetries.”International Journal of Modern Physics D 0, (2017): 1750059.