Engineering Olympiad 17

Society of Electronics and Telecommunication in collaboration with Society of Mechanical Engineers organized Engineering Olympiad17’ on May 18th & 19th 2017. The Olympiad aimed at providing the future engineers with a platform to excel their knowledge and practical skills. 700 students from foremost universities of Pakistan participated in different categories, making it a huge success. The event had three major categories. Events under general category included recreational activities like Go in 60 seconds and for General knowledge events like Master of Math’s and Brain Fest were arranged in which students from all faculties were welcomed.
Events under Mechanical Engineering covered competitions regarding application of civil and mechanical engineering knowledge in very simplified form and events under electrical engineering covered competitions with application of computer science and electrical engineering.
The event started with Teachers Quest in which all teaching faculty from electrical engineering and mechanical engineering participated. Overall 700+ students participated in different events from inside and outside UCP. All major universities of Pakistan came to UCP and won different titles in different categories.
Dean FOE, UCP Dr. Tabraiz Aslam Shami, HOD Dr. Rizwan Shad, Dr. Faiz ul Hassan and honorary chief guest Tarik Nazeer chairman PAPAM Association concluded the closing ceremony by appreciating the work of both the Societies, the event concluded with distribution of cash prizes of Rs. 1 lac amongst the winners.