Independence Day

To honor Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day and to celebrate this historic day with patriotic zest, UCP in Collaboration with Dunya TV hosted a star studded celebration ceremony on August 11, 2017 commemorating the birth of our nation and saluting our national heroes in different professional realms.
A staggering attendance was observed by the students, faculty and staff members, Alumni and esteemed guests to demonstrate prosperity, integrity and solidarity for Independence.
This cultural festival was a themed based event with Green and white being the wardrobe color of the day. These are Pakistan’s official colors representing White as peace while green symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.
The celebrations commenced with Flag hoisting ceremony followed by recitation and special prayers for the unsung and recognized heroes who devoted their lives for Pakistan’s freedom movement and made sacrifices to attain Pakistan’s independence.
The entire UCP was colorfully lit in Green Lights which were coupled with an ambiance of exhilarating entry by heavy bikes, applauded by the young crowd with cheers and excitement.
Different colorful stalls were set up by different societies of UCP promoting various fun activities like Comment and Paint Wall, Azadi Chowk, hairstyling and face painting. Students were actively engaged in the cultural square with stalls to illuminate five provinces of Pakistan to promote and educate students regarding the diverse and rich cultures of Pakistan. These provincial stalls were entailing traditional handicrafts, music, ornaments, and province specific jewels. The students were even promoting traditional languages by educating the guests of simple words and phrases in their respective provincial languages.
Events held during the day included special theatre shows, concerts, and flash mob performances organized by the Dramatics and Music Society. A full fledge TV talk-show was organized by DUNYA TV to salute the work of our national celebrities who promoted and uplifted the image, pride and nation as a whole by their excellent performances in their respective fields. The celebrities included Fakhr-e-alam, Zainab Abbas, Younis Khan, Azhar Ali, Salman Ahmed, Samina Baig, Ibrar Ul haq, Master Ayub and many more.