TEDx UCP 2018

TEDx UCP 2018

Ideas worth spreading!
To elevate the aspiring stories and locally-driven ideas, UCP debating society organized the 2nd round of TEDx events. People from every walk of life made it fruitful by sharing their stories and adding meaning to this glorious event. It motivated people to be vulnerable and to be in their best form.

RehmatAjmal put a great emphasis on the Women’s right and girls were motivated how to deal with gender patriarchy in the male dominant society. While talking about the rights, NaghmaJee/Lucky also enlightened the basic rights of the transgender community. She appreciated UCP for her inclusion in this event where she revived her coke studio’s performance which created a lot of buzz. Later on, the All Girls Band broke the gender stereotype with their fusion performance.

Ammar Ali Jan, the maestro, highlighted the areas in the higher education system where a student suffers. During the discussion, he was concerned with the problems and gave their reasonable and quick solutions. He boosted the morale of the students and persuaded them to fight for their rights.

The main motive behind TEDxUCP was to inculcate the sense of responsibility in our youth. They were very well informed about their rights, their values and to never give up. The event ended on the note that change can be brought if we keep on respecting everyone’s perspective.

Pro-Rector of UCP, Dr. Muhammad Zaffarullah started the event with an initial speech and later on gave regards to the speaker. He also appreciated the efforts of the management on this successful event.