Dr. Sadaf Hameed

Dr. Sadaf Hameed

Dr. Sadaf Hameed

Assistant Professor


Dr Sadaf Hameed received her Bachelor’s (2012) and master’s degree (2014) from University of Sargodha. During her Bachelor and master’s degree, she moved to the National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE) Faisalabad, Pakistan, where she completed her research thesis in the field of nano-biotechnology. Later, she obtained her PhD degree in Natural Sciences, majoring in nano-biotechnology from Peking University, China under the supervision of Professor Zhifei Dai. Her research interests focused on the application of multifunctional nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and treatment with particular emphasis on the use of near-infrared fluorescent molecular probes for phototherapy and imaging. During her PhD degree she won various awards including Excellent Graduate Award from College of Engineering, 2019-Excellent International Student Award from Ministry of Education China, 2019-Outstanding International Student Award from Peking University China, and Best Research Award 2018 from Peking University. She has published around 20 research articles (IF~135) in reputed international journals, such as ACS Nano, Bioconjugate Chemistry, Nanoscale, Theranostics, Biosensors and Bioelectronic, Chemical Communication. She has also authored 3 book chapters.

Dr Sadaf has joined the Faculty of Life Sciences, UCP as Assistant Professor in September 2021.She is interested to address the modern challenges in biomedical sciences by using the advance tools of nanotechnology and material chemistry.

PhD Natural Sciences (Nano-biotechnology) Peking University, China 2020
Teaching Assistant Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) 2015-2016
SSC (Science) Punjab Education Department 2014-2015
1Liang, X, Chen, M, Bhattarai, P, Hameed, S, and Dai, Z.,Perfluorocarbon@porphyrin nanoparticles for tumor hypoxia relief to enhance photodynamic therapy against liver metastasis of colon cancer. ACS Nano,2020. (IF= 15.881)
2 Hameed, S.; Zhang, M.; Bhattarai, P.; Mustafa, G.; Dai, Z., Enhancing cancer therapeutic efficacy through ultrasound-mediated micro-to-nano conversion. WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 2020, 12 (3), e1604. (IF= 9.182)
3 Mo, S.; Zhang, X.; Hameed, S*.; Zhou, Y.; Dai, Z., Glutathione-responsive disassembly of disulfide dicyanine for tumor imaging with reduction in background signal intensity. Theranostics 2020, 10 (5), 2130-2140. (IF= 11.556)
4 Ayesha Taj, Rabisa Zia, Hameed. S* et al., The development of antibiotics based on nanostructured manganese oxide; understanding mechanism from fundamental aspect to application. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2020. (IF=1.354)
5 Shaheen, A.; Taj, A.; Liberzeit, P. A.; Mujahid, A.; Hameed, S.; Yu, H.; Mahmood, A.; Webster, T. J.; Rashid, M. H.; Khan, W. S.; Bajwa, S. Z., Design of heterostructured hybrids comprising ultrathin 2D bismuth tungstate nanosheets reinforced by chloramphenicol imprinted polymers used as biomimetic interfaces for mass-sensitive detection. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 2020, 188, 110775. (IF= 5.268)
6 Kiran, S.; Dwivedi, P.; Khatik, R.; Hameed, S.; Dwivedi, M.; Huang, F.; Xu, R. X., Synthesis of a functionalized dipeptide for targeted delivery and pH-sensitive release of chemotherapeutics. Chemical Communications 2020, 56 (2), 285-288. (IF=6.222)
7 Gao, C.; Bhattarai, P.; Zhou, Y.; Zhang, N.; Hameed, S.; Yue, X.; Zhao, B., Harnessing platelets as functional vectors for contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging and fluorescence imaging. RSC Advances 2019, 9 (72), 41993-41999. (IF=3.361)
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9 Bano, K.; Bajwa, S. Z.; Bassous, N. J.; Webster, T. J.; Shaheen, A.; Taj, A.; Hameed, S.; Tehseen, B.; Dai, Z.; Iqbal, M. Z.; Khan, W. S., Development of biocompatible 1D CuO nanoneedles and their potential for sensitive, mass-based detection of anti-tuberculosis drugs. Applied Nanoscience 2019, 9 (6), 1341-1351. (IF=2.880)
10Hameed, S.; Chen, H.; Irfan, M.; Bajwa, S. Z.; Khan, W. S.; Baig, S. M.; Dai, Z., Fluorescence Guided Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping: From Current Molecular Probes to Future Multimodal Nanoprobes. Bioconjugate Chemistry 2019, 30 (1), 13-28. (IF=4.774)
11 Shad, N. A.; Bajwa, S. Z.; Amin, N.; Taj, A.; Hameed, S.; Khan, Y.; Dai, Z.; Cao, C.; Khan, W. S., Solution growth of 1D zinc tungstate (ZnWO4) nanowires; design, morphology, and electrochemical sensor fabrication for selective detection of chloramphenicol. Journal of Hazardous Materials 2019, 367, 205-214. (IF= 10.558)
12Gao, C.; Bhattarai, P.; Chen, M.; Zhang, N.; Hameed, S.; Yue, X.; Dai, Z., Amphiphilic Drug Conjugates as Nanomedicines for Combined Cancer Therapy. Bioconjugate Chemistry 2018, 29 (12), 3967-3981. (IF=4.774)
13Hameed, S.; Dai, Z., Near-infrared fluorescence probes for surgical navigation. Materials Today Chemistry 2018, 10, 90-103 (IF=8.301).
14 Hameed, S.; Bhattarai, P.; Dai, Z., Cerasomes and Bicelles: Hybrid Bilayered Nanostructures With Silica-Like Surface in Cancer Theranostics. Frontiers in Chemistry 2018, 6, 127. (IF=5.221)
15Hameed, S.; Bhattarai, P.; Liang, X.; Zhang, N.; Xu, Y.; Chen, M.; Dai, Z., Self-assembly of porphyrin-grafted lipid into nanoparticles encapsulating doxorubicin for synergistic chemo-photodynamic therapy and fluorescence imaging. Theranostics 2018, 8 (19), 5501-5518. (IF=11.556)
16 Bhattarai, P.; Hameed, S*.; Dai, Z., Recent advances in anti-angiogenic nanomedicines for cancer therapy. Nanoscale 2018, 10 (12), 5393-5423. (IF=7.790)
17 Hameed, S.; Bhattarai, P.; Dai, Z., Nanotherapeutic approaches targeting angiogenesis and immune dysfunction in tumor microenvironment. Science China Life Sciences 2018, 61 (4), 380-391. (IF=6.038)
18Tahir, M. A.; Hameed, S*.; Munawar, A.; Amin, I.; Mansoor, S.; Khan, W. S.; Bajwa, S. Z., Investigating the potential of multiwalled carbon nanotubes based zinc nanocomposite as a recognition interface towards plant pathogen detection. Journal of Virological Methods 2017, 249, 130-136. (IF= 2.014)
19Hameed, S.; Munawar, A.; Khan, W. S.; Mujahid, A.; Ihsan, A.; Rehman, A.; Ahmed, I.; Bajwa, S. Z., Assessing manganese nanostructures based carbon nanotubes composite for the highly sensitive determination of vitamin C in pharmaceutical formulation. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2017, 89, 822-828. (IF=10.618)
20 M. Amin, Hameed. S, et al., “Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles: Structural Features and In Vivo and In Vitro Therapeutic Effects against Helicobacter pylori Induced Gastritis,” Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications, vol. 2014, Article ID 135824, 11 pages, 2014. (IF= 7.778)

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