Ali Abbas

Ali Abbas

Ali Abbas

Senior Lecturer

Mr. Ali Abbas graduated from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in June 2013. He had worked as a Principal Design Engineer at Silicon Design Solution and Open Silicon. Before it he had worked as a Software Engineer at Tricastmedia. After completing his BS(CS) in August 2007, he also worked at 4M Wireless as Embedded Software Engineer. He is a person with a creative aptitude. He performs very well in projects and assignments. During his teaching tenure, he taught Introduction to Computers and Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Compiler Construction, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots, Discrete Structures and Computer Architecture. He has worked on different research assignments which were related to Text Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data and Robotics. His performance remains well beyond a satisfactory level, and he never fails to impress his managers and supervisors with his sense of responsibility. He has exceptionally good analytical and problem-solving skills.

MSCS Computer Science LUMS June 2013
BSCS Computer Science CUI, Lahore Campus March 2007
Assistant Professor The University of Lahore Jan 2018 – Apr 2022
Lecturer CUI, Sahiwal Campus March 2014 – Jan 2018
Principal Design Engineer Silicon Design Solutions Mar 2013 – Mar 2014
Principal Design Engineer Open-Silicon Pakistan Aug 2012 – Feb 2013
Software Engineer Tricastmedia Sep 2011 – Jul 2012
Research assistant LUMS Mar 2010 – Jun 2011
Embedded Software Engineer 4M Wireless Aug 2007 – Sep 2009
1Book Chapter: Abubakr Muhammad, Syed M. Abbas, Talha Manzoor, Adnan Munawar, Syed A. Abbas, Mhequb Hayat, Ali Abbas, Mian M. Awais, “Marwa: A Rough Terrain Landmine Detection Robot for Low Budgets”. Field and Assistive Robotics: Advances in Systems and Algorithms, Shaker Verlag, 2014.
2Journal Article: Abbas Rehman, Ali Abbas, Muhammad Atif Sarwar and JavedFerzund, "Need and Role of Scala Implementations in Bioinformatics" International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), Issue No. 8, Volume No. 2, February 2017.
3Journal Article: Muhammad Amjad, Zulfiqar Ali, Abid Rafiq, Nadeem Akhtar, Israr-Ur-Rehman and Ali Abbas, “Classification Rule Discovery from Biological Databases using Decision Tree and Support Vector Machine” International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Issue No 10, Vol. No 9, September 2019

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