Dr. Malik Haroon Afzal

Dr. Malik Haroon Afzal

Dr. Malik Haroon Afzal

Assistant Professor

Ext: 0333 8184817

Dr. Malik Haroon Afzal is a PhD in English Literature from one of the top 150 universities of the world (according to the QS world ranking), University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. In his PhD research, he traced the intricate relationship between the political narratives of Islamization and Islamophobia, and the treatment of these narratives by the contemporary Pakistani Anglophone fiction. His scholarship is published in well-reputed international journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

His research interests include Pakistani Anglophone fiction, politics of culture, cultural poetics, Pakistani feminism, and literary theory.

Ph.DEnglish Literature University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia 2022
M.Phil. in English Literature Literature GIFT University, Gujranwala 2016
M.A English (Language and Literature) Language and Literature GIFT University, Gujranwala 2012
Assistant Professor University of Central Punjab, Lahore Oct 2023 – Present
Assistant Professor University of Chenab, Gujrat May 2023 – October 2023
Assistant Professor University of Sialkot, Sialkot September 2022 – May 2023
Graduate Research Assistant University Sains Malaysia, Malaysia October 2019 – August 2021
Lecturer in English University of Lahore, Gujrat Campus February 2017 – February 2019
Lecturer in English GIFT Colleges, Gujranwala October 2013 – October 2015
1Afzal, M. H., Iqbal, H. M. Z. and Bajwa, M. S. (2023). Performing bodies as elephants in the room: A postcolonial queer approach to Hanif Kureishi’s The Buddha of Suburbia. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, In Press (November Issue), (Scopus Q3)
2Afzal, M. H., Pakri, M. R. M. and Low Abdullah, N. F. (2022). Islamization vs. Islamophobia: A New Historicist Reading of Cold War Politics in Contemporary Pakistani Anglophone Fiction. International Journal of Arabic-English Studies, 22 (1), 257-274. (Scopus Q1)
3`Pakri, M. R. M., Chin, G. V., & Afzal, M. H. (2022). The Modern Malay: A Comparative Study of Katherine Sim's Malacca Boy (1957) and Mahathir Mohamad's The Malay Dilemma (1970). GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies, 22(4). (Scopus Q1 & Web of Science Q2)
4Afzal, M. H., Pakri, M. R. M. and Low Abdullah, N. F. (2021). Is Women’s Empowerment a Thucydides’ Trap for Patriarchy in Pakistan? The Aurat (Woman) March-2020 and Bina Shah’s Before She Sleeps. Journal of International Women’s Studies, 22 (9), 111-127. (Scopus Q2)
5Afzal, M. H., Pakri, M. R. M., and Abdullah, N. F. L. (2021). Pre-9/11 Politics of Islamophobia and Hanif Kureishi’s The Black Album (1995). GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies, 21(2), 72-85. (Scopus Q1 & Web of Science Q2)
6Afzal, M. H. (2020). Self-construction via Texts: COVID-19 and Child Fiction. New Review of Children's Literature and Librarianship, 26(1-2), 17-24. (Routledge)
7Afzal, M. H., Pakri, M. R. M., and Abdullah, N. F. L. (2020). Identity Recognition as a Tragic Flaw in King Lear by William Shakespeare: Application of Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic. International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature, 9(3), 37- 42. (Peer-Reviewed, Indexed in ERA)
8Afzal, M. H., Pakri, M. R. M., & Abdullah, N. F. L. (2020). Meaning as a Product of Play between ‘Privileged’and ‘Marginal’: A Deconstructive Analysis of A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Muhammad Hanif. Journal of Practical Studies in Education, 1(2), 1-8. (PeerReviewed)
9Afzal, M. H., Pakri, M. R. M., & Abdullah, N. F. L. (2020). ‘Texts’ Battling COVID-19: A New Historicist Reading of My Hero Is You Published by UNICEF. Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (MJSSH), 5(12), 300-305. (Peer-Reviewed, Indexed in Mycite)

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