Dr. Muhammad Imran Sajid

Dr. Muhammad Imran Sajid

Dr. Muhammad Imran Sajid

Associate Professor


A self-motivated, passionate pharmacist, scientist, and teacher with more than 13 years of experience with 22 Scientific Publications and an Impact factor of ~50. I like to work in win-win situations and eager to contribute novel executable ideas that benefits the organizations wherever I worked that can be verified by my previous employers. Innovation and thriving for excellence are my passions.

Ph.D Pharmaceutical Sciences Chapman University School of Pharmacy, Irvine, CA, USA2018-2022
M.Phil Pharmaceutics University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan 2016
M.Phil Biochemistry King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan2010
Doctor of Pharmacy Pharm.D The University College of Pharmacy, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan 2008
Intermediate Examination Pre-medical Group Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore, Pakistan 2001
Assistant ProfessorFaculty of PharmacyUniversity of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan July 2014 – Present
LecturerFaculty of Pharmacy University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan November 2011 – June 2013
LecturerFaculty of PharmacyHajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan September 2010 – November 2011
Post-Graduate Research TraineeKing Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan April 2009 – August 2010
DemonstratorThe University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan July 2007 – January 2008
Internee SalesGlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Karachi, Pakistan July 2006
1Amir Nasrolahi Shirazi, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Dindyal Mandal, David Stickley, Stephanie Nagasawa, Joshua Long, Sandeep Lohan, Keykavous Parang, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Cyclic Peptide-Gadolinium Nanocomplexes as siRNA Delivery Tools , about to be accepted in Pharmaceutical (2021) Impact Factor: 5.863
2Khayyatnejad Shoushtari, Sorour, Khalid Zoghebi, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, and Keykavous Parang. "Hybrid Cyclic-Linear Cell-Penetrating Peptides Containing Alternative Positively Charged and Hydrophobic Residues as Molecular Transporters." Molecular Pharmaceutics (2021).Impact Factor: 4.932
3Shang Eun Park, Naglaa Salem El-Sayed, Kiumars Shamloo, Sandeep Lohan, Sumit Kumar, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Targeted Delivery of Cabazitaxel Using Cyclic Cell-Penetrating Peptide and Biomarkers of Extracellular Matrix for Prostate and Breast Cancer Therapy, Bioconjugate Chemistry (2021) Impact Factor: 4.774
4Muhammad Imran Sajid, Muhammad Moazzam, Yeseom Cho, Shun Kato, Ava Xu, JJ Way, Sandeep Lohan, Rakesh K Tiwari, siRNA Therapeutics for the Therapy of COVID-19 and Other Coronaviruses, Molecular Pharmaceutics (2021) Impact Factor: 4.932
5Muhammad Imran Sajid, Muhammad Moazzam, Ryan Stueber, Shang Eun Park, Yeseom Cho, Rakesh K Tiwari, Applications of amphipathic and cationic cyclic cell-penetrating peptides: Significant therapeutic delivery tool, Peptides (2021) Impact Factor: 2.843
6Muhammad Imran Sajid, Muhammad Moazzam, Shun Kato, Kayley Yeseom Cho, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Overcoming barriers for siRNA therapeutics: From bench to bedside, Pharmaceuticals (2021) Impact Factor: 5.863
7Amir Nasrolahi Shirazi, Shang Eun Park, Shirin Rad, Luiza Baloyan, Dindyal Mandal, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Ryley Hall, Sandeep Lohan, Khalid Zoghebi, Keykavous Parang, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Cyclic Peptide-Gadolinium Nanoparticles for Enhanced Intracellular Delivery, Pharmaceutics (2020) Impact Factor: 6.321
8Muhammad Moazzam, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Hamza Shahid, Jahanzaib Butt, Irfan Bashir, Muhammad Jamshaid, Amir Nasrolahi Shirazi, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Understanding COVID-19: from origin to potential therapeutics, International journal of environmental research and public health (2020) Impact Factor: 3.390
9Shang Eun Park, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Keykavous Parang, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Cyclic cell-penetrating peptides as efficient intracellular drug delivery tools, Molecular Pharmaceutics (2019) Impact Factor: 4.932
10Naglaa Salem El-Sayed, Amir Nasrolahi Shirazi, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Shang Eun Park, Keykavous Parang, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Synthesis and antiproliferative activities of conjugates of paclitaxel and camptothecin with a cyclic cell-penetrating peptide, Molecules (2019) Impact Factor: 4.411
11Rabia Aslam, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Syed Amjad Ali Raza, Usama Jamshaid, Talha Jamshaid, Nadiah Zafar, Irfan Bashir, Khalid Idrees Khan, Muhammad Jamshaid, Hydrogels: From Preparation to Biomedical Applications, Accepted in Journal of Colloidal Science and Biotechnology Impact Factor: N/A
12Faheem Ahmed Siddiqui, Mansoor Ahmad, Mehjabeen, Noor Jahan and Muhammad Imran Sajid, Phytochemical screening and assessment of Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and hematological properties of the fruit of Berberis baluchistanica, Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017 May;30(3(Suppl.)):1007-1012. Impact Factor: 0.65
13Muhammad Imran Sajid, Usama Jamshaid, Talha Jamshaid, Nadiah Zafar, H. Fessi, Abdelhamid Elaissari, Carbon nanotubes from synthesis to in vivo biomedical applications, International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2016; 501(1-2):278-299. Impact Factor: 5.72
14Syed Amjad Ali Raza, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Usama Jamshaid, Talha Jamshaid, Rabia Aslam, Akhlaq Ahmed, Sarah Shigdar, and Muhammad Jamshaid. "Ethosomes the Best Approach for Deeper Delivery of Drugs through Transdermal Port: From Preparation to Biomedical Applications." Journal of Colloid Science and Biotechnology 4, no. 2 (2015): 87-98. Impact Factor: N/A
15Khan, Ghulam Jilany, Hafiza Sadaf Naeem, Sara Khan, Talha Jamshaid, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Irfan Bashir, and Muhammad Jamshaid. "Understanding and responsiveness level about cervical cancer and its avoidance among young women of Pakistan." Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention 15, no. 12 (2014): 4877-4883.. Impact Factor: 1.77
16Khan GJ, Khan FK, Khan RA, Jamshaid M, Tajdin F, Sajid MI. Alternative medicine; the tendency to use complimentary alternative medicine in patients of different hospitals in Lahore, Pakistan. Professional Med J 2014; 21(6):1178-1184. Impact Factor: N/A
17Muhammad Naeem Riaz, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Muhammad Jamshaid, Ghulam Jilany Khan, Muhammad Shahzad, Imtiaz Majeed, Faheem A. Siddique, Nadeem Alvi, Irfan Bashir, An in-vitro study on Eugenia Jambolana plant extract in isolated rabbit ilium showing spasmolytic effects, Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences. 2014; 4(3):01-16. Impact Factor: N/A
18Irfan Bashir, Ayesha Sethi, Muhammad Zaman, Junaid Qureshi, Rai M. Sarfraz, Asif Mahmood, Muhammad I. Sajid, Talha Jamshaid, Muhammad A. Akram, Formulation and in-vitro bioequivalence evaluation of verapamil hydrochloride matrix tablets with Calan SR, International Current Pharmaceutical Journal.2014; 3(6): 286-290. Impact Factor: N/A
19Muhammad Imran Sajid, Kamran Aziz, M. Shakil Ahmad, Ali Raza, Imtiaz Majeed, Nadeem Alvi, M.Naeem Riaz, Irfan Bashir, BMI is associated with serum Leptin and Lipid Profile, Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences. 2013; 7(3):600-603 Impact Factor: N/A
20Muhammad Imran Sajid, Riffat Mehboob, Shakil Ahmed, Muhammad Jamshaid, Imtiaz Majeed, Faheem Ahmed Siddiqui, Ghulam Jilany Khan, Muhammad Nadeem Alvi, Irfan Bashir, and Ali Raza, Association of Serum Thyroid Hormones and Serum Leptin with Body Mass Index, International Journal of Current Biotechnology; 2013, 1(8):4-8. Impact Factor: N/A
21Rukhsana Yusaf, Ruqayya Nawaz, Sehrish Hayat, Ayesha Khursheed, Nadiah Zafar, Aousaf Ahmad, Irfan Bashir, M. Nadeem Alvi, Muhammad Imran Sajid, Imtiaz Majeed, Structural Components Of Liposomes And Characterization Tools, Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 2014:4(08) Impact Factor: N/A

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