Dr. Muhammad Perviaz

Dr. Muhammad Perviaz

Dr. Muhammad Perviaz

Assistant Professor Chemistry


Dr. Muhammad Perviaz has 12 years of an international career as a Research Scientist, chemical and food consultant, chemist, and Lead Researcher. He received his Ph.D. from HEJ, Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Pakistan in 2018.

During his research work, IRSIP (International Research Support Initiative Program) scholarship was awarded by “The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan” to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 2010. He has been teaching in the Applied Chemistry Department and Chemical Technology, University of Karachi, SZABIST (Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, Karachi) and Aga Khan Education Services, Pakistan for thirteen years.

Another scholarship was bestowed by Intel International Science & Engineering Fair Phoenix, Arizona, USA during his teaching chemistry and mentoring his students in Aga Khan Education Services, Pakistan, and invited amongst 82 countries for international science and engineering fair competition in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2019.

Dr. Muhammad Perviaz triggered the curiosity in young researchers for science, so he supervised his students on twenty-five major projects in the fields of chemical, biological, and medicinal sciences, won prizes at the provincial level in ten projects, national level five prizes, and international level two prizes in Intel International Science & Engineering Fair competitions during (2009-2022).

His research spans the fields of Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry; Biophysical Chemistry and Biological Sciences; Nano-Chemistry; Quantum Chemistry and Computational Chemistry. Dr. Muhammad Perviaz’s research interest includes the synthesis of organometallics, transition metal complexes, kinetics, and thermodynamics studies of reaction mechanism, function, reactivity, and control of transition metals at the interfaces of biological systems and their connection with different diseases and life cycles. He has a curiosity about the design of inorganic-organic nanoassemblies, their characterization, surface functionalization; optical properties, photo electrochemistry; and sensor applications for light energy conversion and photovoltaics. Moreover, he loves to work with different computational chemistry software like MOPAC, PC MODEL, GAMESS, Gaussian View and Gaussian, etc.

PhD Chemistry HEJ, Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Karachi2018
Assistant Professor Department of Basic & Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science & Technology, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan July, 2022-Till Date
Lecturer Aga Khan Education Services, PakistanJuly, 2009 - July, 2022
Visiting Faculty Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, KarachiOctober, 2020 - April, 2021
Co-operative Teacher Applied Chemistry Department and Chemical Technology, University of Karachi, KarachiAugust 2019 - March 2020
1Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Reduction of Fe(III) Acetohydroxamic Acid Complex by Ascorbic Acid. Muhammad Perviaz, Shazia Nisar, Syed Arif Kazmi and Saima Imad Pak. j. sci. ind. res. Ser. A: phys. sci. 61A(1), 8-14, 2018.
2Kinetics and Mechanism of Reduction of Iron(III) Kojic Acid Complex by Hydroquinone and L-Cysteine. Atim Sunday Johnson, Zahid Hussain, Muhammad Perviaz, Syed Arif Kazmi, Ededet Akpan Eno and Offiong. E. Offiong, J.Chem.Soc.Pak., Vol. 36, No. 4, 2014.
3Aggregation of Hydrogen Bonded Dimeric Tri-Organotin Amino Substituted Pyrimidine-2-Thiolates. Anastasia Ioannidou, Agnieszka Czapik, Petros Gkizis, Muhammad Perviaz, Dimitrios Tzimopoulos, Maria Gdaniec, and Pericles D. Akrivos, Aust. J. Chem., 66, 600–606, 2013.
4Catalyst-free synthesis of low-temperature thermally actuated shape memory polyurethanes with modified biobased plasticizers. Basharat Ali, Muhammad Atif, Muhammad Perviaz, Adnan Irshad, Muhammad Abdullah and Muhammad Ahmad Mobeen, RSC Adv., 13, 506, 2023.
5Synthesis, acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase inhibitory potential and molecular docking study of thiazole bearing thiourea analogues. Hayat Ullah, Mehvish Jabeen, Fazal Rahim, Amjad Hussain, Fahad Khan, Muhammad Perviaz , Muhammad Sajid, Imad Uddin, Muhammad Usman Khan, Muhammad Nabi. Chemical Data Collections 44 (2023) 100988.

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