Dr. Nimra Afzal

Dr. Nimra Afzal

Dr. Nimra Afzal

Assistant Professor


Dr. Nimra Afzal secured her PhD degree from Institute of Zoology, University of Punjab in year 2021 with a CGPA of 4.0 specializing in environmental health. She was awarded with International Research Support Initiative Program during her PhD. During MS Zoology, she secured Doctoral program coordination committee merit-based scholarship and was ranked among top 5 students. Dr. Nimra has an experience of working in international research labs of University of Cranfield, UK and University of Essex, UK, and has presented her work on several national and international forums. She has also served as a research scholar in a British Council funded project “Transnational Education Programme Development” from 2012 to 2014.  Her duties included monitoring of particulate matter at different altitudes, indoor and ambient environments, monitoring of grasslands, and wetlands for climate change in Pakistan and other related field work of TNE program.

Currently, she has teaching experience of 3.5 years under different capacities. Her research includes physical and biological characterization of aerosols, their spatio-temporal dynamics in different environments, ecosystem health monitoring and wildlife.

Ph.DZoology University of the Punjab, Lahore 2021
MS Zoology University of the Punjab, Lahore 2014
BS Zoology University of the Punjab, Lahore 2012
Assistant Professor University of Central Punjab, Lahore 2022 to Date
Contractual Position University of Central Punjab, Lahore 2021
Visiting Lecturer University of Central Punjab, Lahore 2019- 2021
Visiting lecturer University of the Punjab, Lahore 2015 - 2016
Research Scholar University of the Punjab, Lahore 2012 - 2014
1Nimra, A., Ali, Z., Nasir, Z.A. Tyrell, S. and Sidra, S. Characterization of Indoor Air Quality in Relation to Ventilation Practices in Hospitals of Lahore, Pakistan (2021). Sains Malaysiana 50(6): 1609-1620 1.16
2 Nimra, A., Ali, Z., Sidra, S., and Ahmad, R. Evaluation of Air-Bor¬ne Trace Metals in Orthopaedic Sections of Health Care Facilities. (2020). Punjab university journal of zoology 35(1): 91-98
3 Nimra, A., Ali, Z., Sultan, S., Nasir, Z.A. Tyrell, Sidra, S. and Hussain, A. Molecular sequencing and Phylogenetic analysis of bioaerosols in hospital wards with different ventilation conditions (2021). Journal of infection diseases in developing countries (In production) 0.582
4 Nimra, A., Ali, Z., Khan, M.N., Gulshan, T., Sidra, S., Gardezi, J.R., Tarar, M.R., Saleem, M., Nasir, Z.A. and Colbeck, I., 2015. Comparative ambient and indoor particulate matter analysis of operation theatres of government and private (trust) hospitals of Lahore, Pakistan (2015). Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences, 25(3 Supp. 2): 628-635. 0.481
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6R. Yasmeen, Z. Ali, N. Afzal, S. Safdar and Z. A.Nasir, 2020. Characterization of bioaerosols in controlled environment broiler houses at different stages of growth. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences, 30(1):2020. 0.481
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8 Syed Turab Raza, Zulfiqar Ali, Irfan Zainab, Safdar Sidra, Afzal Nimra, Zaidi Zona, and Khadija Aziz. 2015. Soil and water analysis for micro-nutrients in wetland’s associated grassland ecosystems (2015). Journal of Animal and Plant sciences 25(4).1168-1175. 0.481
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10 Abdul Majid khan, Nimra Afzal, Amtur Rafeh, & Muhammad Akhtar. New fossil remains of Gaindatherium browni from the Chinji Formation of Pakistan (2015). Biologia Pakistan. 61(1): 121-125

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