Dr. Riaz Ahmad Rana

Dr. Riaz Ahmad Rana

Dr. Riaz Ahmad Rana

Assistant Professor

Ext: 132

Dr. Riaz Ahmad Rana is currently working as assistant professor at UCP. His area of specialization is Photovoltaic Systems. He has work experience of 20 years (Academic-10 + Field-10).

Ph.DElectrical Engineering UCP 2021
M.Sc. Telecommunication UCP 2008
B.Sc. Elect. Engg. Telecommunication UET 1996
Assistant Professor UCP - FOE Since 2006
Area Manager Maintenance World Call Multimedia Limited 2006
Operation Engineer Irrigation Department Dubai 1997-2005
Electrical Engineer Rupafil Polyester Plant Limited 1996
1Riaz Ahmad, Ali F. Murtaza, Hadeed Ahmed Sher, “Power tracking techniques for efficient operation of photovoltaic array in solar applications – A review” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, W-Category, 101(2019) 82-102, IF - 9.184
2Ali F Murtaza, Riaz Ahmad, “Optical isolation mechanism based MPPT for PV array under partial shading condition” Solar Energy, W-Category, 185(2019) 516-524. IF - 4.374
3Ali F Murtaza, Mohsin Bilal, Riaz Ahmad, Hadeed Ahmed Sher, “A Circuit Analysis based Fault Finding Algorithm for Photovoltaic Array under L-L/L-G Faults” IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, W-Category, In Press (2019), IF - 5.972
4R. Ahmad, Ali F. Murtaza, Umar Tabrez Shami, Zulqarnain, Filippo Spertino, “An MPPT technique for unshaded/shaded photovoltaic array based on transient evolution of series capacitor” Solar Energy, W-Category, 157 (2017), 377-389, IF – 4.018
5R. Ahmad, Ali F. Murtaza, Hadeed Ahmed Sher, Umar Tabrez Shami, Saheed Olalekan, “An analytical approach to study partial shading effects on PV array supported by literature” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, W-Category, 74(2017) 721-732, IF – 8.0
6Riaz Ahmad, Dr. Umar Tabrez Shami, Muhammad Saleem and Nabeel Khalid, “Smart Grid Capabilities, Infrastructure, Impact on Power Suppliers/Consumers and Concern” New Horizons, Y-Category, HEC Approved, 81-82 (2014) 3-8.
7Riaz Ahmad, “Impact of Power Factor Improvement on Electrical Power Quality & Saving” New Horizons, Z-Category, HEC Approved, 64-65 (2009) 23-27.

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