Dr. Saira Andleeb Gillani

Dr. Saira Andleeb Gillani

Dr. Saira Andleeb Gillani


(042) 35880007 (187)

Saira Andleeb Gillani is a highly experienced academic professional with a Ph.D. in Information Systems and over 15 years of teaching and research expertise. She has a strong educational foundation, extensive research contributions in fields like deep learning and gait recognition, and a proven track record as a Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor. Her commitment to fostering innovative learning environments and collaborating on research projects positions her as a valuable asset in academia. Saira’s active involvement in professional societies, such as IEEE, reflects her dedication to advancing knowledge and technology in her field.

PhD Computer Science Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary2016
Professor UCP1 Year
Associate ProfessorBahria University3 Year
Assistant ProfessorSaudi Electronic University, Saudi Arabia3 Year
Assistant Professor COMSATS, Islamabad1 Year
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