Dr. Salma Batool

Dr. Salma Batool

Dr. Salma Batool

Assistant Professor


Ph.D BiochemistryPMAS-AAUR2019
Assistant ProfessorUCP Lahore2018-till date
1Rauf, A., Sohail M. F., Sarwar, H. S., Naveed S., Batool S., Amin U., Ali I., Saleem, w., Razzaq S., Rehman M., Shahnaz. G. 2020. Tuberculosis Resistance and Nanoparticles: Combating the Dual Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Macrophages for Tuberculosis Management.Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems, 37(2):161–182. (IF-2.9)
2Batool S., Asad M. J., Arshad M., Saleem R. S. Z., and Ahmad M. S. “The Supremacy of Synergism: A Comparison of Anticancer Activity of Rhizome Extract of Bistorta Amplexicaulis and Gallic Acid in Cancer Cell Lines and Primary Cells”, Current Nutraceuticals (2020) 1: 1.
3Batool, S., Ullah, S., Tabassum, S., Bilal, A., Faisal, A., Saleem, R. S. Z., & Ahmad, M. S. Effect of Extraction Methodologies on Antioxidant Potential and Synergistic Anticancer Behavior of Leaf Extract of Polygonum amplexicaule Against HCT-116 Cells. Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions A: Science, 1-6.
4Batool, S., Gulfraz, M. ….. & Ahmad, M. S. (2015). Evaluation of antioxidant potential and HPLC based identification of phenolics in Polygonum amplexicaule extract and its fractions. Pak. J. Pharm. Sci, 28(2), 431-435.
5Sohail, M. F., Javed, I., Hussain, S. Z., Sarwar, S., Akhtar, S., Nadhman, A., Batool, S., ... & Shahnaz, G. (2016). Folate grafted thiolated chitosan enveloped nanoliposomes with enhanced oral bioavailability and anticancer activity of docetaxel. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 4(37), 6240-6248.
6Batool, S., & Ahmed, M. S. (2016). Bistorta amplexicaulis: A Brief Insight to its Ethnobotany. Journal of Bioresource Management, 3(3), 2.
7Fatima, A., Raja, G. K., Shah, M. A., Gul, I., Tabassum, S., Batool, S., ... & Ahmad, M. S. (2017). Extraction and Evaluation of A Natural Dye From Biistorta Amplexicaule. Pakistan Journal of Science, 69(2).
8Ahmad, M. S., Naqvi, S. S., Mushtaq, S., Ramzan, F., Sami, A., & Batool, S. (2013). Phytochemical and biological evaluation of Polygonum amplexicaule rhizome extract. Canadian Journal of Pure And Applied Sciences, 2491.

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