Ruqia Arif

Ruqia Arif

Ruqia Arif


Miss Ruqia Arif has completed her BS (Hons.) in Biochemistry (2013-17) and M-Phil in Biochemistry (2017-19) from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore. Her research work focused on Synthesis of Nanoparticles from eco-friendly source (i.e. Plant Extract) and evaluation of its antibacterial potential against Pathogens. She has participated in various scientific conferences and seminars. She has over 2 years’ experience in academics and research. She received several awards and honors during her academic career which includes Merit based scholarship from UVAS, won a Bronze medal in BS (Hons.) Biochemistry and Best performance award. Her expertise lies in Biochemical Techniques (Spectrophotometric techniques, Chromatographic techniques, Phytochemical Analysis, ELISA, FTIR spectroscopy, Biochemical tests etc.)

BS (Hons.) Biochemistry UVAS Lahore 2019
M.Phil Biochemistry UVAS Lahore 2017
Lecturer University of Central Punjab, Lahore 2020-2021
Lecturer Pact College, Lahore 2017-2019
Internee Highnoon Laboratories pvt, Limited 2019
Internee Govt. Mayo Hospital Lahore 2017
1Ahmad, H. I., Majeed, M. B. B., Jabbar, A., Arif, R., & Afzal, G. (2021). Reproductive Toxicity of Arsenic: What We Know and What We Need to Know?. In Environmental Health. IntechOpen.

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