Muhammad Aamir Hayat

Muhammad Aamir Hayat

Muhammad Aamir Hayat

Associate Lecturer
Ext: 448

Engr. Aamir Hayat received his master degree and bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Central Punjab in 2016 and 2012 respectively. He has eight years career as Research Associate and Lab Engineer. Currently he is working in Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering. His research fields are Renewable Energy, Power Electronics and Power Engineering and he has seven publications.

M.Sc Electrical Engineering University of Central Punjab 2016
B.Sc Electrical Engineering University of Central Punjab 2012
Lab Engineer University of Central Punjab 6 years to present
1Hayat, A., Sibtain, D., Murtaza, A. F., Shahzad, S., Jajja, M. S., & Kilic, H. (2023). Design and Analysis of Input Capacitor in DC–DC Boost Converter for Photovoltaic-Based Systems. Sustainability, 15(7), 6321(IF=3.889), 2023
2D. Sibtain, M.M. Gulzar, Ali. F. Murtaza, S. Murawwat, M. Iqbal, I. Rasool, A. Hayat, A. Arif, “Variable structure model predictive controller based gain scheduling for frequency regulation in renewable based power system.” International Journal of Numerical Modeling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields: e2989(IF=1.296) 2022.
3Fahad Usmam, Muhammad Majid Gulzar, Daud Sibtain, Aamir Hayat “Variable step size fractional incremental conductance for MPPT under changing atmosphere conditions”, International journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Network, Devices and Fields, June 2020. (IF=1.296)
4Muhammad Awais Arshad, Muhammad Majid Gulzar, Jawad Khalid Qureshi, Aamir Hayat, Mohammad Shamir, Sadia Rasheed “Six degree of freedom robotic testbed for control system laboratory” International symposium on recent advances in electrical engineering in collaboration with IEEE, 24-26 October 2017, Islamabad, Pakistan.
5Aamir Hayat, Ali Faisal, M. Haseeb, Muhammad Yaqoob Javed, Riaz Ahmad Rana “Effects of Input Capacitor of Boost Converter for Photovoltaic System” International conference on computing, electronic and electrical engineering (ICE-CUBE) in collaboration with IEEE, 11-12 April 2016, Quetta, Pakistan.
6A. Hayat, A.H. Shah, Muhammad Haseeb, M. Hamza, F.Hussain, “Robotic Arm Control Using Color Recognition and Position Mapping Techniques through Image Processing” International Journal of Computer Science and Information security, Volume 14 No. 9, 2016
7Saqib Ali, Aamir Hayat, Dr. Farooq Aslam “Computational Analysis of Characteristics Equations of a Plant” International Journal of Computer Science and Information, Volume 14 No. 8, 2016.
8Aamir Hayat, N. Khan, “Speed Control and Power Factor Improvement of a Single-Phase AC Motor,” Universal Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, vol. 2 (8) pp. 328 – 336, 2014.

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