Prof. Dr. Taimoor-ul Hassan

Prof. Dr. Taimoor-ul Hassan

Prof. Dr. Taimoor-ul Hassan

Dean, Faculty of Media and Mass Communication
(042) 35880007 Ext: 333

Dr. Taimoor-ul-Hassan is Professor and Dean of Faculty of Media & Communication Studies (FMCS) at University of Central Punjab, Lahore. Previously, he has worked as Dean at School of Media and Mass Communication, Beaconhouse National University (BNU). He has 35 years of experience in media education, research and profession with more than 70 research publications and over 2,000 newspaper articles and editorials. His has authored one book titled, “Press and Civil Society in Pakistan: Seeds of Democracy in a Terrorism-Torn Country” while two of his other books are in progress.

Dr. Hassan is a HEC-Approved PhD Supervisor and also a Member of HEC Mass Communication Curriculum Committee, HEC Text Book, Monograph Evaluation Committee, Punjab Public Service Commission Selection Committee and Punjab Public Service Commission Curriculum Committee. He is founder of School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC) at Beaconhouse National University (BNU) and has also spearheaded the revamping of BS Media and Communication Studies Program at University of Central Punjab with the introduction of 20 new courses and an innovative specialization in Digital Media and Entrepreneurship. He also got approval from Academic Council for a new Department, namely, Department of Film, TV and Digital Media and two new degree programs including BS (Hons) (Film, TV and Digital Media) and MS (Film and Digital Media) at FMCS, UCP.

He is a reviewer of national and international journals, a member of professional bodies and a member of Selection Board, Board of Studies and Board of Faculty of many universities.

He is an external examiner for MPhil and PhD at various universities. Dr Taimoor ul Hassan got NOC for MS Film, MS Advertising and PhD Mass Communication degrees at BNU. He also has an NOC for the resumption of halted PhD program at FMCS, UCP. He has successfully supervised 4 PhD theses and is currently supervising 5 PhD scholars at UCP. Previously, he supervised 4 PhD candidates at BNU.

Dr Taimoor ul Hassan has supervised 150 MA, MPhil & MS theses. He has participated in a number of national and international workshops and conferences; most notably, he represented Pakistan as a delegate at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, Bonn, Germany. He has evaluated PhD theses at Institut für Umweltanalysen (IFU) and TI, Germany.

During his career as media professional, Dr. Hassan worked as Assistant Editor, Executive Editor, Group Editor and Joint Editor in The Pakistan Times, The Frontier Post, The Sun International and The Post, respectively. He did reporting assignments with the Associated Press and worked as master trainer of TV channels. He has worked as Communication Specialist for Semiotic/ Canadian International Development Agency and new media specialist for various projects.

PhD Mass Communication University of Karachi 2006-2010
Dean and ProfessorUniversity of Central Punjab2019- Present
DeanBeaconhouse National University2015-2019
Acting deanBeaconhouse National University2014-2015
ProfessorBeaconhouse National University2012-2019
Founding faculty and Associate Professor Beaconhouse National University 2003- 2012
Communications SpecialistSemiotics Consultants/CIDA2008
Joint EditorThe Post, English Daily2006 – 2008
Visiting faculty memberKinnaird College for Women, Lahore1996-2004
TrainerBusiness Recorder and Aaj TV2004
Editor Web/Research PortalNazria Pakistan Foundation (NPF)2002 – 2003
Executive EditorThe Frontier Post2001 – 2003
Group Managing EditorDaily Sun2000 – 2001
Managing EditorThe Sun1999 – 2000
ReporterAssociated Press of America1996 – 1997
Media SpecialistAGHS Legal Aid Cell1995 – 1999
Freelance WriterHerald, The News, The Nation1994 – 1995
News Editor and Assistant EditorThe Pakistan Times1987 – 1996
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  • Press and Civil Society in Pakistan – Seeds of Democracy in a Terrorism–Torn Country, Germany, ISBN 978-3-8484-4050-4.
  • Development Communication in Pakistan: case studies (in progress).
  • Political Communication (in progress)
  1. One-day workshop organized by FMCS, Faculty Development Workshop on the topic of “Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo”. The workshop was based on hands-on training of faculty members, UCP on December 23, 2021
  2. One-day workshop organized by FMCS “Data Analysis Using SPSS” for MPhil Scholars and Faculty members UCP on December 11, 2021
  3. One-day workshop on Professional development, FMCS organized one day workshop comprising three sessions for visiting faculty members on teaching excellence, UCP on November 27, 2021
  4. One-day workshop arranged by FMCS. The workshop on Sports Reporting. Pakistan Correspondent of ESPNCric Info, on November 23, 2021
  5. Organized an acting workshop on Improvisation in Acting on November 11, 2021. Workshop focused on the fundamentals of acting, like voice and speech, body movements, and the time-tested acting techniques.
  6. One-day workshop on Enhancing Publications (Online), organized by Center of Professional Excellence (CPE), UCP on September 26, 2021
  7. One-day Faculty Development Workshop on the topic of “Qualitative Research and Thematic Analysis using Quirkos” held at FMCS on 23 September 2021
  8. One-day workshop on Writing Research Proposal (Online), organized by Center of Professional Excellence (CPE), UCP on September 18, 2021
  9. One-day workshop special for the students who have registered the course “Visual Communication Design” on June 19, 2021.
  10. JIS Annual Meeting held on 14 September 2021.
  11. Professional Excellence Workshop by UCP Professional Training Centre, August 23 to 29, 2021
  12. Presented two papers at IAMCR (the International Association for Media and Communication Research) conference. Title of 1st paper is “Attachment or detachment in Conflict Reporting? Examining the Relation of Peace Journalism and Objectivity.” Title of 2nd paper is “Factors influencing Journalists of Rival Countries: The Case of Conflict Reporting in India Pakistan.” IMACR conference was held virtually from 11th to 15th July 2021.
  13. Exploring Parental Perception about the Effects of Television Watching on Child Psychology” at the International Media Conference 2021. The Association of Media and Communication Academic (2021).
  14. Presented a paper titled “American Cultural Influence in Pakistan: Role of American and Pakistani Media” at the 15th International American Studies Conference held virtually on 16th June 2021.Web-link:
    • Member of the Editorial Board of AMCAP Journal of Media and Communication Studies, University of Punjab presented the second journal issue:
  15. 1st Issue:
    2nd Issue:
  16. Member of the ADHOC Committee to Discharge the functions of Board of Studies of the Department of Public Relations & Advertising, University of The Punjab Lahore
  17. AMCAP – FJWU 2021 International Media Conference “Digital Media Ecologies in the new Normal Challenges and Opportunities” Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi (17-18 February 2021).
  18. Chaired, International UNESCO Conference on Safety of Journalists (2018), Institute of Communication Studies, University of Punjab.
  19. Delegate at Global Media Forum 2018, DW, Bonn, Germany
  20. Presentation in International conference on ‘Emerging Challenges for Organisations in Developing Economies (ECODE)’ Department of Management Sciences, Bahria University, Islamabad. October 15-16, 2018.
  21. Participated in Liberal Arts symposium (2017), Forman Christian College University, Lahore.
  22. Delegate at ‘Migration in a Changing World’, November 5-9, 2012, Wiley-Blackwell Conferences for Social Sciences and Humanities
  23. Workshop Leader ‘Media and Education –A Development Perspective’, School of Tomorrow, under BSS, 2010
  24. Co-Designed ‘Development Rights Workshop’, Peshawar, February 9-11, 2001.
  25. Participated in ‘National Human Rights Conference’, Lahore April 7-8, 2001
  26. Participated in ‘Capacity Building Workshop’, Lahore, March 23-25, 2000.
  27. Co-Designed, ‘Development Rights Workshop’, Hyderabad, October 29-31, 1999.
  28. Participated in ‘National Human Rights Convention’, Lahore, December 4-5, 1999.
  29. Co-Designed ‘Social Justice & Equality Workshop’, September 18-20, 1998.
  30. Participated in ‘Religious Freedom & Minorities Rights Workshop’, Lahore, October 9-11, 1998
  31. Participated in ‘National Human Rights Conference’, Lahore, December 5-6, 1998
  32. Co-Designed’ Religious Freedom & Communal Harmony Workshop, Khanewal, June 17-19, 1997.
  33. Participated in ‘Political Economy of Pakistan Seminar’, Gujranwala, September 26, 1997.
  34. Participated in ‘National Human Rights Conference’, Lahore, November 22-23, 1997
  35. Participated in ‘Human Rights Situation Analysis National Workshop’, Lahore, May 30 -June 1, 1996.
  36. Co-Designed ‘Social Justice & Equality Workshop’, Abbottabad, July 27-29, 1996.
  37. Co-Designed ‘Human Rights Education Workshop’, Peshawar, December 22-24, 1995.
  • HEC-Approved PhD Supervisor
  • Best Teacher Award in 2013
  • Founder of School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC) at Beaconhouse National University, Lahore in 2003, which has become Pakistan’s leading institution in the field of media and communication research.
  • Appreciation for the best edition of Daily The Pakistan Times.
  • Set up the media office of AGHS/HRCP
  • Appreciation letter from the Federal Information Minister
  • Founding Managing Editor The Sun
  • Founding Managing Editor of the Sun Group of Newspapers
  • Resumed the publication of the Frontier Post as Executive Editor
  • Set up the portal and research web of Nazaria Pakistan Foundation (NPF) as Editor
  • Pioneering instructor of AAJ TV, Business Recorder House
  • Pioneering member of Prime TV, Europe
  • Pioneering member of Daily The Post
  • Set up the communication system of University of Education
  • Founded BNU FM 102.6 Radio Station
  • Founded BNU WEB TV
  • Founded BNU Gazette
  • Founded SMC Newsletter
  • Founded and designed PhD, MPhil, Mass Communication and BA (Honors) programs and contracted highly qualified and skilled faculty to teach students in these programs.
  • Advising Media Studies Program, Cambridge University
  • Member Editorial Board, AMCAP Journal of Media and Communication Studies (AMCAP-JMCS)
  • Member International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)
  • Member Journalism Education Association (JEA)
  • Member Advisory Board, Institute of Journalism Representative of Germen Press Foundation, Hamburg, Germany
  • Member Advisory Board, Association of Mass Communication Academic Professionals of Pakistan (AMCAP)
  • Member HEC Mass Communication Curriculum Committee
  • Member HEC Text Book, Monograph Evaluation Committee
  • Member Punjab Public Service Commission Curriculum Committee
  • Advisor Punjab Public Service Commission Selection Board
  • Member Selection Board, University of Punjab, Lahore
  • Member Selection Kinnaird College, Lahore
  • Member Selection Board, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore
  • Member Selection Board, University of Gujrat
  • Member Board of Faculty, University of Management and Technology, Lahore
  • Member Selection Board, Government College University, Faisalabad
  • Member Board of Studies, University of Lahore
  • Member Board of Studies, University of Sargodha
  • Member Board of Studies, Virtual University Pakistan
  • Chairman BNU Library Committee
  • Member BNU Research and Publication Committee
  • Member of Review Board, Organizational Theory Behavior Review Journal, University of Management and Technology
  • Jury Member, All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS), Journalism Award Committee.
  • Member UCP Academic Council
  • Member Board of Studies, UCP FMCS
  • Member UCP Board of Advanced Studies & Research
  • Book, article reviewer of national and international journals
  • Journalism course by the Financial Times under International Institute of East Berlin.
  • American History Course
  • Communication Specialist for Semiotic, Canadian International Development Agency.
  • Former Visiting Faculty, Kinnaird College, Lahore
  • Visiting Faculty, Government of Punjab, Management and Professional Development
  • External Examiner/Evaluator MPhil, PhD, University of Punjab, Islamia University Bahawalpur, Superior University
  • MOU with University Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia
  • MOU with Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia
  • MOU with Public News Lahore
  • MOU with Message Communication
  • MOU with DW Akademie, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and Bonn University, Germany offering MS in International Media Studies.
  • MOU with School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang
  • MOU with Ajoka Theatre
  • MOU with Punjab Aids Control Program
  • Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, Spain to forge faculty and students exchange and linkages.
  • TechnischeUniversitatIlmenau, Germany to provide access to an immersive educational experience at the university.
  • Punjab Information Commission (PIC) to promote Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013 (RTI). This Internship program is sponsored byGesellschaftfür Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a German development agency.
  • University of Western Illinois, MACOMB, Illinois, USA, for collaborative programs.
  • Emmerson College USA, for international communication and public relation projects.
  • DeutcheWelle(DW) Broadcasting Corporation, Germany, content sharing and production
  • Pakistan Peace Collective, a project of Ministry of Information Broadcasting, National History and Literacy Heritage, for public outreach, advocacy and social mobilization.
  • Agahi Foresight Lab, for forecasting studies under various variables.
  • Leo International for joint TV serials.
  • Lahore Press Club
  • Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
  • Lahore Arts Council
  • Punjab Union of Journalists
  • Group Managing Editor, The Sun
  • Executive Editor, The Frontier Post
  • Assistant Editor, The Pakistan Times
  • Joint Editor, The Post,
  • Reporter, Associated Press (America)
  • Master Trainer, AAJ News TV

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