Rabia Batool

Rabia Batool

Rabia Batool



Ms. Rabia Batool is an erudite lecturer in the esteemed English Department. Notably, she is currently pursuing a doctorate in English Linguistics, further fortifying her scholarly pursuits and elevating her intellectual prowess to new heights. Ms. Batool’s academic trajectory has been stellar, cementing her reputation as a paragon of academic excellence. Pragmatics, discourse analysis, morphology, and the discerning evaluation of EFL learners’ obstacles have emerged as her intellectual passions, fueling her tireless pursuit of linguistic enlightenment. 

PhD English (scholar) Linguistics University of Central PunjabCont.…
Lecturer University of Central Punjab, Lahore20-09-2019 to date
1Comparative construction morphology of diminutive forms in English and Urdu. Cogent Arts & Humanities, 10(1), 2238998. (2023)
2A Corpus-based Comparative Ideational Meta-Functional Analysis of Pakistani English and UK English Newspaper Editorials on COVID-19, Vol: 9, Issue: 1 (2022)
3Moving from Face to Face to Virtual Assessment: Pakistani University Students’ Perceptions regarding Assessment in a Time of Covid-19. Multicultural Education, 7(1). (2021)
4Caught between Two Cultures: Pragmatic Transfer in English-using Pakistanis Apology Responses published in Amazonia Investiga, vol: 9, issue: 35, (Dec, 2020)
5Pragmatics Competence to Intercultural Competence: Pakistani ESL Teachers Perspectives about Teaching Interculturality in ESL Classroom published in Amazonia Investiga, Vol: 9, Issue:33 (Oct, 2020)
6Reconstruction of Identities in Hamid's ‘Exit West’: Pakistani Women in Transition. Elementary Education Online, 19(1), 436-441. (2020)

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