Ms. Samreen Tanveer

Ms. Samreen Tanveer

Ms. Samreen Tanveer


A certified healthcare entrepreneur coach and compassionate professional having excellent research skills with seven years of experience as lecturer (Pharmaceutical Chemistry).

PhD Scholar Pharmaceutical Chemistry Punjab University Lahore2021-2026
M.Phil Pharmaceutical ChemistryPunjab University Lahore2017-2019
MS Pharmaceutical Chemistry Government College University Lahore 2011-2013
Doctor of Pharmacy Pharmacy Lahore College for Women University Lahore 2005-2010
F.Sc Premedical Lahore College for Women University Lahore 2005
Matriculation Science Muslim Model High School 2002
Lecturer University of Central Punjab 09-03-2020 till to date
Lecturer Superior University 2015-2021
1Bajwa, M. A., Ashiq, S., Qayyum, M., Khokhar, R., & Tanveer, S. (2021). An Updated Review: The Year 2020 and COVID-19 Pandemic:(TJPS-2020-0228). Thai Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (TJPS).
2Tanveer, S., Masood, A., Ashiq, K., Qayyum, M., Bajwa, M. A., Rukh, A. S., Arshad, A., & Sattar, R. (2020). A Review on Existing Tetracyclines Analogues and Their Pharmacologically Targeted SAR. RADS Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(3).
3Naureen, B., Miana, G. A., Shahid, K., Asghar, M., Tanveer, S., & Sarwar, A. (2021). Iron (III) and zinc (II) monodentate Schiff base metal complexes: Synthesis, characterisation and biological activities. Journal of Molecular Structure, 129946.
4Ashiq, K., Bajwa, M. A., Tanveer, S., Qayyum, M., Ashiq, S., Khokhar, R., & Abid, F. (2020). A comprehensive review on gout: the epidemiological trends, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment. Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, 1-12.
5Ashiq, K., Ashiq, S., Bajwa, M. A., Tanveer, S., & Qayyum, M. (2020). Knowledge, attitude and practices among the inhabitants of Lahore, Pakistan towards the COVID-19 pandemic: an immediate online based cross-sectional survey while people are under the lockdown. Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science, 69-S.
6Abid F, Saleem M, Yasir S, Arshad S, Qureshi S, Bajwa MA, Ashiq S, Tanveer S, Qayyum M, Ashiq K. CANCER EPIGENETICS AND THE ROLE OF DIETARY ELEMENTS. Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences. 2019;17(3):96-104.
7Qayyum. M, Tanveer. S , Kanwal. A and Bajwa M. Review on isolation and extraction of phytochemicals on Nigella sativa International Journal of Biosciences2020
8Samreen Tanveer*, Abida Latif, Kanwal Ashiq, Mehwish Qayyum, Mayyda Asif Bajwa 2019. A comprehensive review on pharmacological and phytochemical potential of Cassia Fistula Linn: A magical herb. Int J Biol Pharm Allied Sci. 8(6): 1134-1157.
9Samreen Tanveer, Mehran Ashfaq, Rashida Parveen, Kanwal Ashiq*, Mehwish Qayyum, Mayyda Bajwa, Sana Ashiq, Afshan Arshad 2019. Assessment of the risk factors and various patient related attributes influencing hemodialysis. Int. J. Biosci. 14(4), 238-247
10Kanwal Ashiq, Samreen Tanveer, Mehwish Qayyum, Maydda Bajwa, Sana Ashiq, Anjum Shahzad, Zohaib Tariq, Muhammad Faisal, Niqash Ahmad, Afshan Arsahd, Raeesa Sattar, Farah Abid (2019). Common herbal plants and their role in control of obesity. International Journal of Biosciences. 15(40), 23-32.
11Wajeeha Ishtiyaq, Arslan Tariq, Nasir Abbas, Muhammad Zia Ud Din, Kanwal Ashiq, Mayyda Bajwa, Samreen Tanveer, Mehwish Qayyum, Farah Abid, Saleha Yasir, Afshan Arshad, Sana Ashiq, A comprehensive review on racecadotril drug.Int. J. Biosci. 15(2), 405-413, August 2019.
12Farah Abid, Muhammad Saleem, Sara Zahid, Shumaila Arshad, Saleha Yasir, Mehwish Qayyum, Kanwal Ashiq, Samreen Tanveer, MayydaAsif Bajwa, Sana Ashiq (2019). A comprehensive review on anti-cancer medicinal plants. International Journal of Botany Studies. 4(4), 144-150.
13Shumaila Arshad, Masood ur Rehman, Farah Abid, Saleha Yasir, Mehwish Qayyum, Kanwal Ashiq*, Samreen Tanveer, Mayyda Bajwa, Sana Ashiq 2019. Current situation of breast cancer in Pakistan with the available interventions. Int. J. Biosci. 14(6), 232-240.
14Tanveer, S., Farrukh, M.A., Ali, S., Imtiaz, A. (2014). In vitro Toxicological Study of Metal Oxides Nanoparticles on Oxidation of Succinate in Krebs cycle and Their Resultant Effect in Metabolic Pathways. J Chin Chem Soc, 61, pp 525-532
15Mahmood, K.T., Tanveer, S. (2011).Risk Factors Associated with Hirsutism. J Biomed Sci and Res, 3, pp 347-352.

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