The Reading Club Of School Of Accounting And Finance

School of Accounting and Finance, SAF held its weekly reading club session to promote reading among students. This session was held on 26th January 2017.Faculty members and students are also invited to read their literary contributions.
Amraha Muzammil and Zoha Qaism student of BSAA gave an opening for the students about Dan Brown and Da Vinci. Then Dr. Qais Aslam gave a review of the book Da Vinci Code and linked it to Dan Brown’s other Books Angels and Demons, The Symbol etc. and also gave a review about the Genius of Da Vinci and his other contemporary artists and linked as per Dan Brown to the Free Masons. He narrated about the Mona Liza and the Last Supper paintings of Da Vinci and the secrets that are preserved and revealed in the book Da Vinci Code about the Jesus Christ’s heritage. Rida Waseem and Sofia Shahid also convinced the students to at least see the Movie apart from reading the books of Dan Brown. In the end Director SAF Prof. Dr. Athere Azim Khan talked about the revelations about Jesus Christ in the Quran and summed up the evening by asking the students to read all these wonderful books.
Faculty members of SAF were also present. The event was organized by Ms. Javaria Qais and students of SAF.
Faculty participation:

  1. Mr. Abid Rasheed
  2. Mr. Ijaz Hussani Bukhari
  3. Mr. Shafaqat Mehmood
  4. Mr. Muhammad Mustafa