Student Services Center

Student Services Center (SSC) aim to serve as a services arena to address student related queries at large and provide facilitation to all student’s body at UCP. In order to facilitate students and visitors SSC is committed to provide quality academic and non-academic services under one roof through specially trained team using modern IT & task resolution tools so that students won’t rush from one office to another for resolving their problems or for seeking academic/non-academic guidance. SSC works closely with other Administrative and Academic Departments across UCP and provide specialist and general advice, information and services in various areas.

The Student Services Centre (SSC) is the point of contact for students during their stay at University. SSC aims at providing a friendly, supportive and challenging environment to the students outside the classroom. The Centre caters to the needs of the students, and works as a bridge between them and the University’s administration. The SSC offers a wide range of support services to help the students to meet the challenges they may face on the campus. In a nutshell, the Centre wants to help the students to enjoy their campus life.

The students are encouraged to stay in touch with the SSC for latest updates and information.