We believe that youth’s involvement at all levels of local, national and global decision-making is essential in order to achieve the goals of the United Nations and in making this world a better place. We wish to represent Pakistan as a responsible global citizen. We also believe that awareness of the International issues and knowledge of the global systems is the best way to learn from and improve the system in our own country and therefore our goal includes, but is not limited to:

  • To take the Vision 2030 United Nations objective and Pakistan Government’s 2025 objective.
  • To be a scaffold between the Youth and Policymakers of the world as well as Pakistan.
  • To be a suggestive body to the legislature of Pakistan on National and International issues.
  • To instigate dialogues with associated departments on the advancement of youth’s contribution to strategy making and social activities.
  • To encourage cooperation between youth and famous pioneers from diverse regions of the world and divisions of Pakistan.
  • To persuade the members to think on territorial, national and worldwide issues.
  • To concentrate on the territories which require prompt consideration of the administration trailed by activities.
  • To start a procedure to achieve correspondence and social amiability in the general public.
  • To break down the principle issues of the society in diverse strolls of life and to offer solutions.
  • Patron : Dr. Karrar Haider ( Associate Professor FOIT )
  • President : Fahad Ijaz
  • Vice President : Syed Farhan Hassan
  • General Secretary : Jayyad Mir
  • Info. Secretary : Mahad Ijaz

International Crisis Chamber
EXT : 113