UAC aims to serve as a medium for students to embark on different adventures, satisfying their need to explore. From Muskhpuri top to as far as Naltar Valley, UAC wants students to realize and appreciate the beauty of Pakistan and drag them out of their cocoons to socialize in the real world and enter the natural realm with wonders waiting to blow their minds away. Life is filled with day to day problems, stress and activities, which is why UAC wants to lead you on the path of adventures that will make you appreciate nature. UAC proclaims:

“Collect moments not things after all what is life but one grand adventure.”

  • Patron : Mr. Fahad Anis (Lecturer FMCS)
  • President : Muhammad Ehsan
  • Vice President : Arslan Ahmed
  • General Secretary : Mohib Ullah
  • Info. Secretary : M Ali Saeed

UCP Adventure Club
EXT : 589