The Young Economist Forum (YEF) is a student-run organization mandated to enhance the experience of students studying Economics at the University of Central Punjab. Aimed at students with a concentration in Economics, the goal of the YEF is to build solidarity within the academic community. The YEF provides students with a common interest in Economics the opportunity to engage and participate in the growth and improvement of the department. The main objective is to recognize the importance of economics in the preparation of a wide variety of professionals including those in business, law, journalism, banking, government and academia. It provides a platform for UCP students interested in the study of economics to interact with one another, exchange ideas, and develop the public understanding of important economic, social and political issues.

  • Patron : Bilal Muhammad Yaseen
  • President : Saman Khan Yousafzai
  • Vice President : Atif Ali
  • General Secretary : Hassan Naqvi
  • Info. Secretary : Ubaid Ur Rehman

Young Economist Forum
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