Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make products, or “any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use.” The Biotechnology Lab, Faculty of Life Sciences is equipped with state of the art instruments for advance scientific research. The lab is used for conducting practical’s of BS, M.Sc. and MS-Biotechnology students. The lab has cutting edge facilities for Plant Transformation, Cloning, Cereal Genomics, Microbial Fermentation, Food Biotechnology and Genome Mapping. All the post graduate students have access to international data bases and online library resources that provide students with access to all scientific advancements and references.

The Biotechnology Laboratory houses:

  • Real time PCR
  • Incubators
  • SDS PAGE apparatus
  • ELISA Reader
  • Weighing Balance
  • Distillation Apparatus
  • Conventional PCR
  • Autoclave
  • Vacuum Distillation Unit
  • Micro Centrifuge
  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
  • Vertical and Horizontal Electrophoresis Units
  • Power Supplies
  • Chemical fume hoods
  • Incubators of all sizes
  • Orbital shakers
  • Vacuum oven