1. ML002 Thermodynamics Lab

Thermodynamics lab enables students to gain practical knowledge and skills related to the field of thermal power plants, turbo-machines and energy. The lab is fully equipped to help students to learn the fundamentals and working principles of various instruments, and verify fundamental laws of thermodynamics. The laboratory also features state of the art test beds for understanding the operation and measuring the performance of compressors, engines and thermal power plants. The laboratory offers various state of the art test beds with latest instruments to understand the operation and performance parameters of thermal equipment like, multi-stage compressor test bed, engine test bed, steam turbine power plant, combustion laboratory unit, and cut models of single and multi-cylinder engines.

  1. ML003 Refrigeration and Air conditioning Lab:

The RAC lab is equipped to demonstrate the basic principles of heat transfer and working of heat exchangers and RAC equipment. The laboratory offers apparatus for measuring the fundamental processes like heat conduction, convection and radiation and different thermal properties like thermal conductivity, emissivity etc. The refrigeration equipment like heat pump, vapor compression and vapor absorption help the students to understand and measure the performance of refrigeration equipment. The laboratory also houses apparatus for the demonstration and analysis of the central air conditioning systems. RAC laboratory has up to date apparatus with state of the art instrumentation.

  1. Mechanical Workshops:

Mechanical Engineering Department fully endorses the importance of workshops for the development of students’ psychomotor skills. The department has following workshops:

  • ML001 Machine Shop
  • ML004 Fabrication and Projects Shop
  • ML204 Woodworking shop
  • Basement 1 Electrical Installations Shop

These well-equipped workshops have highly trained staff and provide hands on training on bench working, machining, welding, casting, wood working, and electrical installations. While doing workshop practices, students are made safety conscious. Students excel to work independently on computer aided manufacturing. Imparted workshop practices prepare adequately students to conduct their term research projects and fabricate their final year project hardware.

  1. ML101 Fluid Mechanics Lab:

Fluid mechanics laboratory is necessary to build the foundation of engineering students required to master more advanced concepts, processes and equipment. Keeping this in view, fluid mechanics lab offers access to an extensive array of apparatus and equipment experiments. The apparatus housed in fluid mechanics include equipment to verify Bernoulli’s theorem, Osborne Reynold’s Flow for demonstration of effect of flow speed on turbulence, Jet flow principle, Pipe Friction laws etc. The advanced equipment is present in order to understand the working and measuring the performance parameters of Impulse and Reaction Turbines, Centrifugal Pumps, and Fluid Friction Apparatus.

  1. ML302 Applied Mechanics Lab:

Applied Mechanics Lab trains the students on engineering statics and dynamics principles which are essential for their life-long learning. This Lab has latest apparatus to verify the principles and covers experiments to authenticate the theoretical knowledge taught in the subjects of Statics and Dynamics. Lab staff is well trained and encourages students to solve practical problems

  1. ML203 Mechanics of Materials Lab:

The Lab is sufficiently equipped with latest apparatus to conduct experiments related to mechanical properties and do experimental stress analysis. Student get opportunity to visualize  stresses and practically deal with stresses including normal, torsional and flexural stresses, creep, impact loading, fatigue and  hardness. Also student analyse structure using strain gauges to verify their computer aided analysis problems

  1. ML303 Mechanics of Machines lab:

The Lab is designed to verify fundamental of mechanics of machines and mechanisms. Students understand the basics of machine elements including gear, bearings, cams, screws, flywheel, governors, and variety of mechanisms. Students are required to design a mechanisms of practical nature and prove its dynamics

  1. ML201 Computer Aided Design (CAD) lab:

This Lab is established to train students in computer aided drafting (CAD), computer aided designing (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer aided analysis (CAA). The Lab is equipped with core i7 desktops and licensed CAD/CAM/CAA software. Students not only attain skills to work software like ANSYS, pro_E, Solid Edge etc but also utilize the lab to model their final year projects.

  1. ML102 Quality Management/Instrumentation Lab:

Metrology Lab is designed with the objective to enable students to explain principles and issues related to measurement and use modern and conventional measurement tools precisely for solving problems for quality improvement. It also enables the mechanical engineering graduates to analyze process variations and propose solutions for production quality and satisfy the customer needs in product and service sector organization. 28 apparatus are available consisting of various gauges for the purpose.

  1. ML301 Drawing Hall:

A spacious drawing hall is available, equipped with 50 standard drawing tables, to build drawing skills of the students. The concept of transforming a 3D model to 2D drawings is developed. Physical models of various machine elements are demonstrated to the students for their better understanding.