Pharmaceutical Chemistry

This Laboratory deals with investigation and characterization of the physical and chemical properties of many organic chemical classes. It involves preparation, purification and identification of selected simple organic compounds, such as organic halides, aromatic compounds, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, phenols, carboxylic acids, nitro compounds and amines etc, It provides basic knowledge exclusively oriented towards Pharmacy Profession.
As far as biochemistry is concerned, it deals with objective of development of tools biological for processes in human. The course focuses on the structural organization and function of the major components of the living cells: proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Also the course focuses on metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins in normal subjects and diseases, including detailed structure of mechanisms involved in protein synthesis, enzyme activity, intermediary metabolism and oxidative phosphorylation.


This laboratory provides students with an introduction and orientation of pharmacy profession with special reference to hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, retail pharmacy, industrial pharmacy etc. It also covers the various physico-chemical processes like precipitation, crystallization, distillation, lyophilization, efflorescence etc. It also encompasses the various physico-chemical principles related to the basic understandings and providing the knowledge to apply these principles in Pharmacy Profession.

Physiology & Anatomy

This laboratory provides students with a knowledge of various systems of human body to treat the diseased conditions. In this course emphasis is given on the mechanism of communication between body systems and the importance of these mechanisms in maintaining homeostasis and correct functioning of other body systems. This knowledge will provide the understanding to use the drug in order to treat the abnormal function of the body i.e. diseases condition

Pharmacology & Therapeutics

This laboratory provides students with the knowledge of the general principles of Pharmacology. In addition. It covers drug groups with their effect on various Human Body Systems including Autonomic Nervous System and GIT. It also provides the knowledge of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and clinical uses of drugs used for different purposes


This laboratory provides students with general knowledge of naturally occurring drugs (animal & plant sources). In fact this knowledge provides the basic information about the chemical structure and action/uses of drugs, which at later stage is used for the synthesis of drugs used in allopathic system.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

This Laboratory is intended to cover various aspects in microbiology which includes basic knowledge of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, yeast, molds etc.) with special emphases on their pathogenic effects. This knowledge of microbiology indicates the causative agents for the various microbial diseases which can then be retreated by use of appropriate antimicrobial drugs.

Industrial Pharmacy

This Laboratory aims to provide an excellent introduction to the basic unit operations in the process of drug manufacturing. Both theoretical and Practical aspects are undertaken for the production of pharmaceuticals at an industrial level. During the manufacturing of various dosage forms (tablets, capsules, emulsions, suspensions etc), the in process quality control is carried out to ensure the good standard final products.

Pharmaceutical Quality Management/ Instrumentation

This laboratory covers regulatory aspects for pharmaceuticals, quality assurance, documentation and records (including quality control and manufacturing documentation, document design and product licence application). It introduces the student to pharmaceutical formulation, processing , in process quality control (IPQC), qualitative and quantitative determination of pharmaceuticals. Health and safety regulation aspects have also been included.