Dr. Ali Faisal Murtaza has published an article in a Journal having 12 Impact Factor score

It is the moment of great pride for University of Central Punjab, Lahore that Dr. Ali Faisal Murtaza (Director Research/Associate Professor at UCP under Faculty of Engineering) has published an article ‘A grade point average assessment of analytical and numerical methods for parameter extraction of a practical PV device’ of 12 Impact Factor score under the journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. The outcome of the research article is a collaborative effort.

Autobiography: Dr. Ali Faisal Murtaza is currently working as Research Director and Associate Professor (Faculty of Engineering), University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore, Pakistan. At UCP, a research group “Efficient Electrical Energy Systems” is active under his supervision. He is also an active member of a research group “MPPTRAC” that works in collaboration with the Energy Department of Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

His research interests include the Converters/Inverters, design of stand-alone Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, DC micro-grids, I-V Curve tracing of PV, maximum power point trackers for PV systems, fault diagnosis of PV arrays, PV plant energy evaluation and partial shading effects. He has authored/co-authored several research articles in leading journals and conferences of his field