Dr. Muhammad Amjad IqbaL on Supervising a Successful completion of a Ph.D. Thesis

It is a moment of great pride for the University of Central Punjab, Lahore as Dr. Muhammad Amjad Iqbal (Associate Dean/ – Faculty of Information Technology on supervising the competition of a successful PHD thesis. Khawaja Tehseen Ahmed was completing the thesis on the research topic of Image Extraction Using Feature Vectors. Various articles during the research process were also published as articles including:

  1. “Content-based image retrieval using image features information fusion.” Information Fusion (2019): 76-99. [Impact Factor: 10.716 | Elsevier]
  2. “Fusion of local and global features for effective image extraction.” Applied Intelligence (2017): 526-543. [Impact Factor: 2.882 | Springer]
  3. “Region and texture-based effective image extraction.” Cluster Computing (2017): 1-10. [Impact Factor: 1.851 | Springer]

Autobiography: Dr. Muhammad Amjad has been teaching for more than seven years at various renowned universities of Pakistan before joining UCP in October 2010. He graduated from NUCES-FAST, Islamabad, and did his post-doctoral studies in South Korea. His major areas of interest include Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Function Optimization, Digital Watermarking, and Digital Image Processing, a homogeneous and heterogeneous combination of classifiers. He has supervised various thesis at the MS and Ph.D. level.