Plektra – Music Society

The UCP Plektra Music Society enhances students’ inherent singing and musical talent. The objective is to give platform to students of UCP where they can showcase their talent, polish their skills and boost-up their confidence. The society frequently organizes Gig nights, Annual concerts, DJ nights, Sufi nights, Qawalee nights, and singing competitions which includes Voice of UCP and Battle of Bands. Plektra also aims to provide music workshops on improving instrument-playing skills, vocals and helping people exploring their genres. Students are also offered talent base scholarships. Additionally, famous musicians would be invited to talk about various musical genres such as Classical, Pop, Fusion, Sufi-rock, Pop-rock, Rap, Jazz, Trance, and others. The Society also fosters young talent through regular performances and jamming sessions.


Muhammad Aqeel Anwar

(President Plektra Music Society)

Chaudhary Haris Mehmood

(Vice President Plektra Music Society)

Dr Syed Karar Haider

(Patron Plektra Music Society)