Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Dear Students,

Please note the following information regarding online teaching.

Academic Calendar

As per the date sheet, Fall 2020 Mid Term exams shall take place online. Pending further instructions from the Government, we shall be resuming on campus classes from January 11, 2021. In case of any changes, a prompt notification shall be issued.

Teaching & Research

Classes shall only take place online and no-student activity to take place on campus.

IT Department will give access to the lab computers through Teamviewer/other desktop sharing applications for students to perform their lab activities and access special software installed in Labs.

Student Services

All student services shall be monitored online and can be reached at the following email addresses:

Microsoft Teams & Email related issues: (042-35880007; Ext 777 & 778)

Student Affairs:

Accounts Office:

Student Service Center:

Please contact the Student Services Center, in case of the following/ or any other concerns:

  • All Student Portal login and password issues
  • All issues related to connectivity, class withdrawal, and absenteeism. Kindly contact SSC incases you are unable to find your desired class meeting
  • In case of course withdrawal, students must send an email to SSC from the official UCP accounts along with a scanned copy/clear picture of the student ID card and all relevant details
  • All students facing problems with the second installment fee challan may also email SSC. SSC will also be making scholarship adjustments for the second installment
  • After depositing the fee challan, all students are required to send a scanned copy/clear picture of the students’ receipt to SSC. The SSC will be disseminating them to the concerned department

UCP Electronic Document Delivery Services

The UCP community can avail all the following library service through an email at

  1. E-Books
  2. Research Articles
  3. Plagiarism Report
  4. Scanned Books and Documents
  5. Research Assistance
  6. Company Annual Reports
  7. Online Information Literacy

Guidelines for Online Exams (Mid Term Fall 2020)

  • Each exam slot shall be of 90 minutes’ duration for all faculties
  • Different format of examinations: open book; closed book; subjective; objective; etc., dependent upon the need of a subject and shall be permissible
  • Each student shall be required to write his/her Name and Registration Number on each page of the answer sheet and sign those answer sheets before submission. In case of typed submission of the paper, the student’s name and registration number shall be considered as signatures
  • After the expiry of exam time, students shall upload the answer sheets/Files as instructed. The instructors shall be fully authorized to adopt all possible options for the collection of answer sheets/files to accommodate the students to the maximum extent
  • Any two identical answer sheets may lead to an award of zero marks for both students in the final exam of that course. Teachers, if desire, may apply a similarity check to assess plagiarism.
  • These instructions are non-exhaustive and, the concerned instructor shall make the appropriate alternate arrangements in case of power failure or internet connectivity problem at the student end. The instructor is authorized to make the appropriate decision in
  • In case of any problem or emergency, kindly contact:
  • 042-35880007, Ext 126 & 127 (During exam Slots)