All About the UCP Talent Scholarship

All About the UCP Talent Scholarship

UCP Talent Scholarship

University of Central Punjab (UCP) brings huge scholarships worth Rs. 830 million to support our students for multiple degree programmes. As the fall admissions 2023 are at their peak and soon to end, we are recalling the aspirants to speed up their admission process as the seats may no longer last in case of delay. However, this article will focus on the UCP Talent Scholarship, which is offered to the most talented individuals to study well and perform exceptionally. You can go through the article to learn more about the talent scholarships. Let’s get started.  

UCP Talent Scholarship 

Education is incomplete without exploring the areas far and beyond academics. Therefore, it is often said that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. For this reason, the University of Central Punjab (UCP) emphasises and supports co-curricular activities through various steps. We have well-developed, organised and operational clubs and societies that are open to all our students.  

Furthermore, the University of Central Punjab (UCP) also offers massive talent-based scholarships for our talented students. Details are available below.  

  • The talent scholarship is open for new intake and existing UCP students. 
  • The university shall cover partial to complete tuition fees against the talent scholarship. 
  • Students who have excelled in a skill, talent, or subject throughout their time at UCP, shown their contributions actively, and believe they are now qualified for this talent scholarship may apply. 

UCP Talent Scholarship

Students can visit the scholarships for more details. Also, consult the scholarship policy for a detailed overview.  

Eligible Programmes & Criteria 

  • The talent scholarship option is available for both undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.  
  • The students would be awarded the talent scholarship for the normal duration of any degree. For instance, for the undergraduate programmes, tenure counts of four years. Whereas for graduate programmes, the two-year tenure is countable.  
  • Annual re-evaluations of students would be regularly conducted in order to continue and re-award the scholarship for the next year. Moreover, the students on the talent scholarship shall have to participate in different events on a mandatory basis. The Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA) shall remain in contact with students for any events or participation matters.  
  • It is compulsory for the awardees of the UCP talent scholarship to stay enrolled with the relevant society, its office bearers and the DSA office. 
  • It is important to know that this scholarship is separate from sports scholarship. The sports scholarship is available separately for the champs of any of the listed sports.  

How to Apply for Talent Scholarship at UCP? 

One crucial point to consider is that a decision regarding the talent scholarship would be taken by an independent committee. Therefore, asking for details at the time of admission is a great idea. However, if a new student submits the admission fee and is later awarded a talent scholarship, the award would be adjusted in future fee challans.  

Fall Admissions 2023 

University of Central Punjab (UCP) is accepting applications for various degree programmes. The fall admissions 2023 won’t last much longer. Therefore, completing your online application procedures is essential before the admission process stands revoked!  

If you have still not applied, you can apply through the online portal today.  


UCP always promotes quality education and supports talents and skills in addition to the curriculum. For the same reason, we are offering scholarships on various grounds. Talent Scholarship is a popular and very interesting option UCP offers to Pakistan talent. Hence, you can avail of them in the fall admissions 2023.