This course is an introduction to the concepts of Abstract Data Structures such as Arrays,
Queues, Stacks, Heaps, Linked Lists, Trees along with other algorithms like Searching,
Sorting & Recursion and object oriented programming techniques. Using object oriented
programming concepts; students will translate concepts and techniques for structuring and
manipulating data into computer programs using C++ Language. The discussion of each
ADT (Abstract Data Types) will include its conceptual definition, memory model,
advantages and disadvantages in the areas of creating, appending, referencing, searching,
sorting, memory efficiency, access-time efficiency, the applications of the ADT, actual
implementation of some of the ADT’s and their respective functions, and finally their predefined implementations in software Microsoft Visual BASIC C using C++ Language.

Text books:

1. “C++ plus Data Structures” by Nell Dale
Reference Books:
2. “Data Structures & Algorithms in C++” by Adam Drozdek
3. “Theory and Problems of Data Structures” by Seymour Lipschutz, Schaum
Outline Series
4. “Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++” by Mark Allen Weiss
5. “Fundamentals of Data Structures in C++” by Ellis HorowitzFall – 2016 (F-15)