1. Introduction to Electrical Workshop, its significance in Electrical Engineering and the four major parts covered in this course which includes Computer Hardware, Electrical Installation, PCB and Machine and Metal Workshops.
  2. Understanding the importance of each Workshop and the Engineering related contents covered in it.
  3. Learning about Computer basics, different parts of Computer Hardware, Windows Installation and distinguishing different parts of computer hardware. Installations of different devices like printer and different Operating Systems.
  4. In Electrical Installation Workshop, students learn about different Electrical Installation and Protection devices such as fuses, circuit breakers etc. Also they implement different wiring circuits and get a more practical understanding of whatever they learn.
  5. PCB Workshop enables the students to design their own circuits on PCB software first, simulate them and then fabricate them on PCB boards.
  6. Machine and Metal shop helps students to design mechanical structures and give them proper finishing. Also the aim of this workshop is to enable them to work in an industrial environment where the machineries are in bulk.