The candidate should fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for admission.

● MS/M.Phil. in Applied Psychology/ Clinical Psychology/Psychology/Behavioral Sciences from an HEC recognized University, or M.Sc. from a university abroad with a minimum CGPA of 3.00.
● The candidates must have cleared the GRE (subject test) administered by NTS,or GRE international (ETS, USA), with a minimum of 60% marks.

PhD requirements

  • There will be 18 credit hours of taught courses which have to be completed preferablywithin the first year of enrollment.
  • All candidates will have to clear a Comprehensive Exam, comprising of two components:
    1. A scholarly and integrative literature review in a given area through a viva voce.
    2. A formal written examination in subjects completed at UCP.
  • Successful candidates will formulate a proposal and defend it in front of PhD committee representing a major research project, planned, developed, and to be executed by the student. After approval of the PhD Committee, research proposals will be submitted to BASR for final approval.
  • Candidates with specialization in Clinical Psychology will be required to complete Dyadic Analysis with PhD supervisor, (subject to the successful completion of course work and approval of proposal by BASR).
  • All dissertations will undergo the plagiarism check, and will be sent to foreign reviewers. If reviewers recommend award of a degree, this would be followed by an open defense as well as a viva voce by the PhD committee for award.
  • All candidates will be required to complete on-site training/practicum in their area of specialization.