Course Objective:

The course is aimed at giving students an understanding about how to design methodologically and conduct research ethically. This will further lead towards application of statistical techniques to psychological data, including Identification of research problem; Literature review; Specifying the purpose of research; Determine specific research questions or hypotheses; Data collection; Analyzing and interpreting the data; Reporting and evaluating research.

Course Content:

Scientific and Ethical Foundations of Research Types of Research: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research; Quantitative Research : Experimental Research, Correlational Research, Observational Research, Survey, Case Study; Qualitative Research: Content Analysis, Phenomenology, Grounded Theory; Research Designs: Experimental Designs, Quasi Experimental Designs, Factorial Designs, Independent Measure Design, Repeated Measure Design, Pre-post-test Design, Before-after Design with Control Group, Before-after Two-way Blind Design; Development of a Research Instrument: Item Pool Generation, Selection of Items, Item Analysis, Applications of Item Response Theory, Determining the Content Validity of the Instrument Subject Selection; Sampling Techniques: Probability Sampling, Non- Probability Sampling Research in Personality, Attitude Measurement Reliability and Validity of Ability, Aptitude, Interest and Vocational Tests, Method of Analysis research design in clinical psychology

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