BS English Language and Literature

Department of English offers a rigorous and intensive four year degree program in English Language and Literature. The program aims at developing ability to critically read and analyze literary texts in their historical, socio-political, cultural and philosophical contexts combined with aesthetic pleasure and intellectual stimulation which study of imaginative literature provides. Emphasis is on the breadth and depth of coverage in the selection of courses in order to develop an understanding of different genres and forms of literary expression (poetry, prose, novel, drama, non- fiction) as well as linguistic and rhetorical skills through frequent reading and writing assignments and class discussions.

Program structure is flexible and diverse to cater the needs of the contemporary job market and student interests. Study of literature is blended with study of English language with the aim of improving the linguistic and pedagogical competence of those who wish to choose teaching as their career as well as those preparing for careers in media, business, diplomacy etc., which demand well developed interpretive and communication skill. We expect that this program of study taught by our highly enthusiastic and qualified faculty will instill in students a passion for reading. It will provide confidence to appreciate, interpret and analyze complex literary texts by contextualizing them in their broad theoretical and ideological context in written and oral form.