This course helps the students to develop on the basic marketing knowledge acquired in the previous “Fundamentals of Marketing” course. The students will learn concepts and their application in the field of Marketing Management with an emphasis on creating customer value and customer relationships. The skills developed in this course include learning the decision making process in a variety of settings besides addressing marketing issues in actual market settings. Students will work on a project and will be encouraged to apply the learned concepts be developing a real life product or service. After Studying the course the students will be able to: Comprehend market insights by scanning the environment. Analyze consumer behavior and adapt as per consumer choice. Understand consumer need to craft value, provide satisfaction and gain customer loyalty. Identify consumer segments & develop target markets for positioning and gain market share. Identify competition and to develop strategy to attain and retain market share. Learn to build strong brands, grow brand equities through the process of branding. Develop product plans and strategically price and place them for competitive advantages. Design and manage Integrated Marketing Communication for better product awareness with the use of promotional mix. Develop marketing plans and have an overall command of marketing management process.