This course is about the philosophy of Social Science with particular reference to management sciences. It is intended for students in the field of management sciences who are in early phase of their doctoral research program. This course will give a philosophical account of knowledge in the Social sciences. It will help students to understand the epistemological and ontological assumptions of various approaches to management inquiry and research methods. This course will make students adept with in the concepts and language of the philosophy of social science. The history of epistemology and ontology related with Greek philosopher will be traced in this course. It will then move on to the development of natural philosophy, metaphysics, and emergence in development science. The students will be introduced to competing research programs including positivism, critical rationalism, hermeneutics, interpretivism, critical theory, social realism, and structuration theory and post modernism. At the ends of the course students will be able to evaluate competing research paradigm and make conclusions and informed choices by designing their doctoral research.