The course aims to:

  • Enhance language skills through grammar, phrases and sentence maki
  • Develop skills for English writing and translatio
  • Enhance listening and speaking skills for wider use.


Course Contents


Basics of Grammar:

Parts of speech and use of articles, Sentence structure, Active and passive voice, Practice in unified sentence, Analysis of phrase, clause and sentence structure, Transitive and intransitive verb, Punctuation and spelling


Answers to questions on a given text


General topics and every-day conversation (topics for discussion to be at the discretion of the teacher keeping in view the level of students)


 To be improved by showing documentaries/films carefully selected by subject teachers

Translation skills:

Urdu to English

Paragraph writing:

Topics to be chosen at the discretion of the teacher

Presentation skills:

Introduction to presentations and deliberations Note: Extensive reading is required for vocabulary building