COURSE OBJECTIVES:                                                              

This   course   aims   to   provide   students   with   the   essential   concepts   of biomathematics and how these can be employed for analyzing real data.


  • Preliminaries:
    Real-number line, functions and their graphs, solution of equations involving absolute values, inequalities, binomial theorem and its use.
  • Limits and Continuity:
    Limit of a function, left-hand and right-hand limits, continuity, continuous functions.
  • Derivatives and their Applications:
    Differentiable functions, Differentiation of polynomial, rational and transcendental functions, derivatives.
  • Integration and Definite Integrals:
    Techniques of evaluating indefinite integrals, integration by substitution, integration by parts, change of variables in indefinite integrals.
  • Application and importance of Calculus for Biotechnology:
    The exponential growth curve and growth equation.