Specific Objectives of course:

This course introduces basic concepts of groups and their homomorphisms. The main objective of this course is to prepare students for courses which require a good back ground in group theory like Rings and Modules, Linear Algebra, Group Representation, Galois Theory etc.

Course Outline:



Definition of a group, subgroup, subgroup generated by a set. The cyclic groups, cosets and Lagrange’s theorem. Normalizer centralizer. The center of a group. Equivalence relation in a group, conjugacy classes. Normal subgroups, quotient group.

Group homomorphisms:

Homomorphisms and isomorphism and Automorphism. Kernel  and  image  of  homomorphism. Isomorphism theorems. Permutation groups. The cyclic decomposition of a permutation group. Cayley’s theorem. Direct product of two groups and examples.