Specific Objectives of course:

This is second course of Calculus. As continuation of Calculus I, it focuses on techniques of integration and applications of  integrals.  The  course  also  aims  at  introducing the students to infinite series, parametric curves and polar coordinates.

Course Outline:


Techniques of integration:

Integrals of elementary, hyperbolic, trigonometric, logarithmic and  exponential functions.  Integration by parts, substitution and partial fractions. Approximate integration. Improper integrals. Gamma functions.

Applications of integrals:   

Area between curves, average value. Volumes. Arc length. Area of a surface of revolution. Applications to Economics, Physics, Engineering and Biology.

Infinite series:

Sequences and series. Convergence and absolute convergence. Tests for convergence: divergence test, integral test, p- series test, comparison test, limit comparison test, alternating series test, ratio test, root test. Power series. Convergence of power series. Representation of functions as power series. Differentiation and integration of power series. Taylor and McLaurin series. Approximations by Taylor polynomials.

Conic section, parameterized curves and polar coordinates:

Curves defined by parametric equations. Calculus with parametric curves: tangents, areas, arc length. Polar coordinates. Polar curves, tangents to polar curves. Areas and arc length in polar coordinates.