Specific Objectives of course:

This is third course of Calculus and builds up on the concepts learned in first two courses. The students would   be   introduced   to   the   vector   calculus,   the   calculus   of multivariable functions and double and triple integrals along with their applications.

Course Outline:

Vectors  and  analytic  geometry  in  space:

Coordinate  system. Rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinates. The dot product, the cross product. Equations of lines and planes. Quadric surfaces.

Vector-valued functions:

Vector-valued functions and space curves. Derivatives  and  integrals  of  vector  valued  functions.  Arc  length. Curvature, normal and binormal vectors.

Multivariable functions and partial derivatives:

Functions of several variables. Limits and Continuity. Partial derivatives, Composition and chain  rule.  Directional derivatives and  the  gradient  vector.  Implicit function theorem for several variables. Maximum and minimum values. Optimization problems. Lagrange Multipliers.

Multiple integrals:

Double integrals over rectangular domains and iterated integrals. Non-rectangular domains. Double integrals in polar coordinates. Triple integrals in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Applications of  double and triple integrals. Change of variables in multiple integrals.

Vector calculus:

Vector fields. Line integrals. Green’s theorem. Curl
and divergence. Surface integrals over scalar and vector fields. Divergence theorem. Stokes’ theorem.