Specific Objectives of course:

Discrete Mathematics is study of distinct, un-related topics of mathematics; it embraces topics from early stages of mathematical development and recent additions to the discipline as well. The present course restricts only to counting methods, relations and graphs.   The objective of the course is to inculcate in the students the skills that are necessary for decision making in non-continuous situations.

Course Outline:


Counting methods:

Basic methods: product, inclusion-exclusion formulae. Permutations and combinations. Recurrence relations and their solutions. Generating functions. Double counting. Applications. Pigeonhole principle, applications.


Binary relations, n-ary Relations. Closures of  relations. Composition of relations, inverse relation.


Graph  terminology.  Representation  of   graphs.  Graphs isomorphism. Algebraic methods: the incidence matrix. Connectivity, Eulerian and Hamiltonian paths. Shortest path problem. Trees and spanning trees. Complete graphs and bivalent graphs.