Specific  Objectives of  course:

This  course  extends  methods  of linear algebra and analysis to spaces of functions, in which the interaction between algebra and analysis allows powerful methods to be developed. The course will be mathematically sophisticated and will use ideas both from linear algebra and analysis.

Course Outline:


Metric Space:

Review of metric spaces, Convergence in metric spaces, Complete metric spaces, Dense sets and separable spaces, No-where dense sets, Baire category theorem.

Normed Spaces:

Normed linear spaces, Banach spaces, Equivalent norms, Linear  operator, Finite  dimensional normed spaces, Continuous and bounded linear operators, Dual spaces.

Inner Product Spaces:

Definition and examples, Orthonormal sets and bases, Annihilators, projections, Linear functionals on Hilbert spaces. Reflexivity of Hilbert spaces.