Ahsan Tariq Farooqi

Ahsan Tariq Farooqi

Ahsan Tariq Farooqi

Senior Lecturer & Coordinator BS Media and Communication Program

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Currently Ahsan Tariq Farooqi is enrolled in Ph.D. Media and Communication. Ahsan Tariq Farooqi has completed his MPhil in Media & Communication from University of Central Punjab Lahore and MA Journalism from Punjab University, Lahore. He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Coordinator BS Media and Communication Program at FMMC UCP and previously served as monitoring and evaluation officer in Venue Management Services (VMS) British Council Pakistan. He has also conducted different workshops regarding teacher training and exam process through British Council platform. He got certification in Digital Journalism from LUMS in 2022.He is also a lead trainer at CPE department in UCP.His area of expertise is Digital media, development sector, crisis communication, disaster management. He also worked with USAID as communication specialist on the project of ASF (Agriculture Support Fund). Apart from USAID he also worked as Monitoring & Evaluation officer in Norwegian Aid project. He also has working experience in digital media, working as consultant for 2 digital media companies. He also did training sessions on online earning platform such Fiverr and Upwork. He got certification from Govt of Pakistan in Freelancing, SEO, E-Commerce management. He has vast experience in designing communication campaigns for SDGs. He also presented an article in international conference on Media & Conflicted hosted by Ministry of Information and broadcasting in Islamabad. Currently he is also the Media Advisor of Population Welfare department (Govt of Punjab) from University of Central Punjab.

M.Phil. Media & Communication University of Central Punjab 2017
Monitoring Officer USAID 2009
Exam Officer British Council 2012
1Journal Publication: COVID-19 Related Information and Psychological Wellbeing: Mediating Role of Employment Uncertainty among Pakistani People. ISSN(e): 2411-9458, ISSN(p): 2413-6670 Vol. x, Issue. x, pp: xx-xx, 2020
2Conference Publication: International Conference on media & conflict organised by Ministry of Information.

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