Associate Lecturer

Asma is a dedicated and highly motivated professional with a strong background in the field of brain signal processing and a remarkable two years of experience in research and analysis. Her passion for exploring the intricate relationship between technology and the human brain has driven her to make significant contributions to the advancement of neuroscientific understanding and the development of cutting-edge brain signal processing techniques.

With a keen interest in neurology and computational neuroscience, Asma’s work is centered on unraveling the complexities of brain signal processing and its applications in the field of neurological research. Her research efforts have focused on the intersection of machine learning, signal processing, and neuroscience, seeking to enhance the quality of life for individuals with neurological disorders.

MSCSComputer ScienceCUI, Lahore Campus2023
BSCSComputer ScienceUCP, Lahore2020
Associate LecturerUCP, Lahore2023 - Present
Research AssociateCUI, Lahore Campus2021-2023
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