Dr. Amina Arif

Dr. Amina Arif

Dr. Amina Arif

Associate Professor


She has done M.Phil. Leading PhD in Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) from SBS, PU. She has qualified international GRE Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology. She did research under supervision of Prof. Dr. M. Akhtar (Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Southampton & DNP/ DG, SBS, UP). Her PhD research project was on “Preparation of recombinant human interferon alpha-2b and removal of its N-terminal methionine using methionine amino peptidases”. She has expertise in recombinant proteins and enzymes preparation and characterization. She has rich experience on co- transformation, co-expression and site directed mutagenesis. Before Joining UCP she served as Assistant Professor in LCWU and been awarded with Research Project by HEC.

She has supervised 39 Postgraduate & Graduate (11 MS, 5 MSc and 23 BS) thesis, currently supervising 7 MS, 5 BS and 4 PhD research. She is an Author of a book chapter and 44 Publications in peer reviewed international journals with impact factor. Her name is there in the Directory of Productive Scientists of Pakistan. She is reviewer of many international research journals and member of Quality Enhancement Cell of HEC, University of Central Punjab, Lahore. She has participated in several national and international conferences and seminars as organizer and presenter.

PhD Biochemistry School of Biological SciencesUniversity of the Punjab, Lahore Pakistan
M. Phil Biochemistry School of Biological Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore Pakistan.
B.Ed Cambridge Studies Ali Institute of Education Lahore Pakistan
M.Sc Majors in Organic Chemistry University of the Punjab Pakistan
B.Sc Chemistry, Botany and Zoology Govt. College for Women Gulberg Lahore. Pakistan
F.Sc Pre-Medical Govt. College for Women Modal Town Lahore Pakistan
Matric Science Federal Govt Girls High School Pakistan
Assistant Professor Biochemistry University of Central Punjab Lahore. Pakistan
Assistant Professor Biochemistry Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. Pakistan
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