Dr. Aminullah

Dr. Aminullah

Dr. Aminullah

Assistant Professor


Engr. Dr. Amin Ullah has been teaching for more than eight years at various renowned universities of Pakistan before joining UCP in September 2022. He received his PhD from University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila in 2020. He got a Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Scholarship in 2019 and have been Ph.D. Research Scholar till 2020 in the Centre for Research in Computer Vision Laboratory (CRCV Lab) at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ulas Bagci. He has completed his MS in Electrical Engineering in 2014 and and B.Sc. in computer system engineering in 2011 from University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar. He has supervised two MS/MPhil students. He is regularly publishing his research in various Journals/Conference of high repute. His research contributions also include peer-reviewed conference and journal publications as independent researcher and co-author. His main research interest includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning — Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Computer networks, wireless networks and Network & Information security.

BSc Computer System Engineering UET Peshawar 2011
MS Electrical Engineering CECOS University Peshawar 2014
PhD Software Engineering UET Taxila, USA 2020
Assistant Professor National Textile University Faisalabad April 2021-August 2021
HoD/Assistant Professor Swedish College of Engineering & Technology WahcanttAugust 2021-Nov 2022
Assistant Professor University of the Punjab December 2022-October 2022
Assistant Professor University of Central Punjab Octo 2022 to Present
1Amin Ullah, Syed Muhammad Anwar, Bilal Khan, Majid Mehmood “Classification of Arrhythmia by Using Deep Learning with 2-D ECG Spectral Image Representation” Published in remote sensing in 2020. Impact Factor 4.509.
2Sunain, Fawad, Amin Ullah, et al. “Malicious UAV Detection Using Integrated Audio and Visual Features for Public Safety Applications” Published in Sensors journal in2020. Impact Factor 3.26.
3Amin Ullah, Syed Muhammad Anwar “One Dimensional Convolution Neural Network Model for ECG Arrhythmia Classification” Published in UET Taxila Technical Journal X category recognized journal by HEC in 2020.
4Amin Ullah, Zhongliang Yang, Muhammad Shahid, Shanshan Tu, Yongfeng Huang “A Hybrid Deep CNN Model for Abnormal Arrhythmia Detection based on Cardiac ECG Signal” Published in Sensor in 2021. Impact Factor 3.238.
5Shaukat Ali, Islam Zada, Zahid Mehmood, Amin Ullah, Haider Ali and Mujeeb Ullah “Publishing and Interlinking COVID-19 Data Using Linked Open Data Principles: Toward Effective Healthcare Planning and Decision-Making” Published in Hindavi Journal, 2022.
6Puah Jia Hong, Adeel Asghar, Amin Ullah, SHORFUZZAMAN, “AI-based Bayesian Inference Scheme to Recognize Electroencephalogram Signals for Smart Healthcare” Cluster Computing, 2022.
7Adeel, Amin Ullah, Zahid Mehmood “Stress estimation model for the sustainable Health of Cancer Patients” Published in Hindavi Journal, 2022.
8Danish Arif Siddiqi, Dr. Simon Winberg, Amin Ullah, M. Usama Sharaf, M. Danish Asim and Mubeen Siddiqi “AI based COVID-19 Early Diagnosis and Growth Prognosis System for common citizens using Forecasting Deep Learning Models” submitted 2022.
9Amin Ullah, Syed Muhammad Anwar “The Role of Internet of Things and Machine Learning in Realizing a Data-Centric Smart Environment” (Submitted to Sensor Journal, 2022).
10Sadaqat ur Rehman, shanshan Tu, Yongfeng Huang, Amin Ullah “Extrinsically Evolved System for Breast Cancer Detection” submitted IEEE Access Journal in 2022.
11Saeed Iqbal, Adnan Qureshi, Amin Ullah, Jianqiang Li “Improving the robustness and quality of biomedical CNN models through adaptive hypermeter tuning” submitted to MDPI journal Applied Scinces 2022.
12Saeed Iqbal, Adnan Qureshi, Amin Ullah, Jianqiang Li “Fusion of Handcrafted and Deep Spacial Features for effective Analysis of Medical Tomogrphy” submitted to MDPI journal Entrophy 2022.
13 Amin Ullah, Aftab Ahmad, Safdar Nawaz “Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in MANETs (Mobile Ad- hoc Networks) in various Network Environments” 2nd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Management and Sciences (ICETEMS-2016).
1414. M. Muneeb Safdar, J. Masud, Amin Ullah “Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Afterburner Combustion of a Low Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engine” AIAA 2020-0628.c1, Published Online:28 Jan 2020, Online
15M. Muneeb Safdar, J. Masud, Amin Ullah “Numerical Analysis of Afterburner Characteristics of a Low Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engine at Various Flight Conditions” AIAA 2020-2248, Published Online:5 Jan 2020, Online

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